September 29, 2020

2SC datasheet, 2SC circuit, 2SC data sheet: KEC – SILICON NPN TRANSISTOR EPITAXIAL PLANAR TYPE(PCT PROCESS),alldatasheet. ST 2SC NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for switching and general purpose applications. The transistor is subdivided into two. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – SILICON NPN TRANSISTOR EPITAXIAL PLANAR TYPE(PCT PROCESS), 2SC data sheet.

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The 2N, 2N, and 2N devices, for example, which date back to the s but have been improved, are still useful in new designs and are still popular for experimenters.

An Dataasheet PNPwhich is also manufactured using the epitaxial process today, is a complementary transistor to the 2N The People and the Technology.

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It runs on four AA batteries, lasting up to hours.

A mica insulator electrically isolates the transistor case from the heatsink. Beard-BooksS. March – TI gives-up daatsheet drops-out of the home computer market altogether. Diese bestehen jeweils aus einer Zahl mit bis zu sechs Stellen gefolgt von einer Kombination aus drei Buchstaben mit einer vierstelligen Zahl.

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2SC3202 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

The 2N dataheet a much lower power version of the 2N, rated at 25 W, 55 V and 4 A, but became almost obsolete about the late s when many TO devices were withdrawn from mainstream manufacturers’s lists. History[edit] 2N transistors have several applications in power circuits, including inverters and voltage regulators.

The historically-significant 2N was designed by Herb Meisel’s engineering group with RCA; it was the first multi-amp silicon power transistor to sell for less than one dollar, and became an industry workhorse standard.


The Bunyard GroupS. TI, Dallasunpag. The KD have higher power and higher current than 2N Modern successors to the 2N can be much more suitable in fast-switching circuits or high-end audio power amplifiers.

2SC Datasheet PDF – ETC

Patch PublishingS. It was an incredible success. TI, Freisingunpag. TI Semiconductor Group, Dallasunpag. It was introduced in the early s by RCA using a hometaxial power transistor process, transitioned to an epitaxial base in the mids.

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