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The REOVIB MFS series of variable-frequency regulators is specially of the VAREOTRON MFR series are microprocessor-controlled devices for. REO fertigt induktive Komponenten wie Netzdrosseln, Transformatoren und EMV -Filter, Widerstände, Geräte für die Prüftechnik, REOVIB. Technical Description REOVIB MFS DPM Baud Profibus -DP controller REOVIB MFS Normal mode Parameter mode RESET Controller Connections for canfield connector Foxwood Court Youngstown, Ohio ().

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Vibratory Feeder Components

Type code Ident no. With the new options of temperature monitoring, overcurrent indication signal and disconnection of the filter in case of failure you have your network quality always under control! Packaging and weighing industries for handling and sorting processes, automation using drives with vibrating systems, in particular with large parts. A bimetal relay switches the motor off immediately in case of a fault. It is assumed that you are already familiar.

To make this website work, we log user reobib and share it with processors. This revib has been replaced by the AxCent family of servo drives.

Vibratory Feeder Components – REO (UK) Ltd

An enable input and a status output are provided and can be used for interlocking with other control equipment. Four sets of user parameters can be stored and recalled. Throughput control is achieved by using thyristors with phase-angle firing. An enable input is provided for switching the unit from supervisory systems reovlb as a PLC. The unit is supplied with a 2m input cable with earthing type plug and an output cable for the feeder.


Application-specific software is provided. They can also be used in closed loop control, in conjuction with an accelerometer, whereby the amplitude of the feeder 3330 maintained at a constant level. A status relay is available as an option. Each controller is fitted with a soft start to prevent current surges when the unit is switched on. The sensor detects the acceleration of a magnetic or motor-driven vi-brating chute and provides one value of accel-eration and amplitude each.

Approvals Unit features Positive-guided relay outputs: Do you have an enquiry?

Depending on the version the terminations can be either free ends or a plug connector. It is compatible with More information. This must be reset back to S.

An enable input is provided for stopping and starting the unit, using external contacts or a 24V, DC signal voltage. Due to the pulse with modulated output voltage electronic multiple devices are mostly not suitable when using frequency converters for vibratory feeders.

It can be adapted for use with different feeders by selecting either half or full-wave output i. The VA values were determined with rated air-gap in non-vibrating condition and represent a max. All components are completely sealed in an alu-minium housing.


Soft-start and soft run-down are selectable. It is assumed that you are already familiar More information. Track control backlog control and amplitude regulation are standard features of the unit. The range of REOVIB System modules comprises phase-angle controllers for vibratory feeders and a timer module used with systems that have track control.

This article is intended to help someone get on PSK31 with a K2. Give us a call for friendly, knowlegable service. An LCD display is integrated in the front panel. Use of the Z Plug Series description Design High efficiency, single stage, low pressure, inline centrifugal pump Supplied with EC motor and electronic duty adaptation Available in glanded construction, mechanical shaft.

The sensor SWM is intended for monitoring vibrating chutes. The electrical connection is effected over terminals in the front panel. The basic module includes an EMC input filter for interference suppression and the supply voltage for the electronic control.

Track sensing, amplitude regulation and an output for 24 V solenoid air valve are standard features of the unit.