July 17, 2021

Now its all making a bit more sense lol! I am terrified of reading this . A Little Crazy (Inc Outtake) by LolaShoes & TBY The Sweater by. Special Judges Award for Being Classy Bitches (see below): A Little Crazy by LolaShoes and tby Thanks to everyone who read and voted. @tby @LolaShoes “A Little Crazy” was so fucking good. Please tell me it’s not just a one-shot. You both are fucking brilliant. Thank You! PM – 31 Aug.

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I sat up, slowly.

A Little Crazy by Christina Lauren

She’s spent her entire life here. My body suddenly felt leaden. I held my hand over his. From the moment I saw her. A constant hum of complete silence. Just like your innocent honesty. Thank you for that, dear writers! I thought we’d both like something cool. You offer nothing voluntarily. I nodded in silent understanding.


I think it suits me. Their love seems strong and deep and really devoted. I let my eyes drop to my hands and I laughed. I knew he wouldn’t get to eat it if I didn’t take it to him.

I wondered idly if I would cook for him every night of forever. There were people everywhere.

A Little Crazy

When he arrived with his suitcase full of shorts. I ran my finger along the scarred wood as I considered this.

My heart froze in my chest but somehow my hands continued to move. I grasped at the images: It’s totally worth it if you are a fan of a good love story without lithle much drama and a little time to kill. They’ve set up a heavy ion cancer center for the area.

I don’t really have much furniture. It struck me how that defiant little flower seemed to belong.

Her eyes crinkled into beautiful crescents when she smiled. He nodded into his own wine glass. Mar 30, Jennifer Crwzy rated it liked it. He had started to unpack and the house looked like mayhem. The path to my place felt like an illusion. I had no more strength if he touched me again.


Edward is the new, mysterious tenant across the street. His fingers moved between my legs. I think they just see this village as a lost cause.

I’m sorry I haven’t really unpacked much kitchen stuff yet. Karola rated it really liked it Feb 19, I let the most selfish words out: Amy marked it as to-read Dec 02, S passed it over at Halloween, neighbors borrowed sugar two doors down instead, and Fourth of July parades never lingered in that yard.

Refresh and try again. Family is in Australia this time.