October 8, 2020

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd brings you romance, intrigue, and passion in her most boldly sexual story yet! A WELL PLEASURED LADY is. Editorial Reviews. Review. Powerful Sebastian Durant, Viscount Whitfield, has A Well Pleasured Lady: Well Pleasured #1 (The Well Pleasured Series) – Kindle edition by Christina Dodd. Romance Kindle eBooks. Well Pleasured Lady [Christina Dodd] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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There is absolutely NOTHING ddd about their relationship The most annoying thing about this novel is that the plot is fairly interesting and it is well written. I felt guilty reading it. Dragged into present day time for this story. But Sebastian Durant, Viscount Whitfield, did recognize her as a Fairchild, one of his family’s bitter enemies.

I love jealous men. Sebastien is a tough character even though he is a Lord. This was more a review of the that scene than the book per se. I was happy to find a christin Lady with a past, a meddling seventy-something ex-sex goddess with secrets, a brooding, emotionally scarred Viscount dod trust issues, and plenty of disguises, passion, and seduction. May 13, TinaMarie rated it liked it.

Detailed Review Summary of A Well-Pleasured Lady by Christina Dodd

He doesn’t really change until the last few pages of the book. Want to know what Christina will be publishing next? Lifting her head, she stared straight at him and refused to let him intimidate her. But because of the blantant sexism, I have now ripped off the cover and chfistina using it as a mousepad.


Sebastian and Mary share a love that is not soft and sweet.

Guinevere thing got a bit odd after a while. Uptight, honest, scrupulous, and a bit of a wet rag, she holds herself in check to banish that part of her she blames dodd her predicament — her youthfulness, her girlishness, and her emotions. She escaped, along with her brother Hadden, to live a life of anonymity or so she thinks. I completely lost respect for the heroine, Mary, who, as a supposedly strong, sassy, and independant woman, could fall in love with the man who chrsitina himself on her She’d defeated the parade of volatile emotions which had wfll her into disaster.

Do you think I don’t know how many of my guests have tried to steal your services? Hi and thanks for visiting! Using her most sensible tone, she replied, “You have a most aggressive attitude, Lord Whitfield. A highborn young woman hiding from her past and working as a housekeeper agrees to a pretend betrothal how original!

From Amazon It wasn’t one of my best Christina Dodd book, but it was good. No wonder this particular non-con took on such mythical stature. When he demanded her help recovering a stolen diary, hy dared not refuse him.

Politically incorrect or not, their love scenes are dazzlingly fulfilling. In just a few easy steps below, you can become an online reviewer.

A WELL PLEASURED LADY: Well Pleasured #1

Oct 20, Janyn rated it liked it. And when the restraint between them shattered and pleasure became an obsession, Mary had to trust a powerful man who could send her to the gallows Should the diary fall into the wrong hands, not only would his beloved godmother suffer, but the very government could fall. No trivia or quizzes yet. Head pleasurer Mary Rottenson is not who she has pretended to be for the past ten years. Join her mailing list for updates! Mary has been hiding as housekeeper, she returns to help Sebastion recover a stolen diary from her family.


Old estates and misty roof tops Mama likey. Cape Charade Novella Jan. And don’t forget it is ok to be an abusive rapist as long as something traumatic happened in your past! The style accentuated the harsh lines around his mouth and eyes and stripped his broad face of the softness a fashionable cut would have provided.

My Shopping Bag 0 Item You have just added: Along the way she is romantically entangled with her employer’s godson pady we are led to believe they have a chance at happily ever after. Perhaps that is what the author intended, but Dodd definitely did not draw that depth in her book. It would have added further complexity and ambiance to this plot of familial intrigue, psychological trauma, and haunted pasts.