September 27, 2020

AFTO Form H, Aerospace Vehicle Flight Status and Maintenance Document. AFTO Form J, Aerospace Vehicle Engine Flight Document. The Crew Chief must also transcribe open discrepancies to new As or transfer them to the K. AFTO Form J (Aerospace vehicle – Engine Flight. Purpose of the AFTO form series Crew chief personnel or alternate are resposible for maintaing aircraft forms to include 1. Initiation . AFTO Form J.

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I don’t even remember many of the peoples names. I’m correct about that, I hope?????????? The AFTO form f contains what information? Just looking at it now brings back memories! The specific time interval between supervisor reviews may be determined by the Major Command or delegated to the Deputy Command for Maintenance.

But I Do remember that write-up in the If the K is still onI’ll bet it has some of the things I back-ordered that I know I would never get like new seat-covers and the plastic Lockheed cover that went on the yoke hub or afyo it is called.

I really don’t remember so you could be right.

AFTO Form 781 Series

What best describes the use of the afto form ? Back in through we never had to keep track of our time. If these forms are kept forever somewhere, is there a way of retrieving them for our entertainment 40 plus torm later??? Thanks, I remember those form numbers now. Later they changed them to a form and even later we went to a system called CAMS where each person input his info into the computer then later we went to another blah blah blah system and now we spend more time on the computer inputing the job than the actual job takes, plus you still have to fill out the paper ‘s.


While at Sewart we had to account for every minute of the day shift in the forms, then turn them in to the bread truck or the line chief. At the same time, you don’t want the ground i behind the aircraft fighting the engine exhaust, so typically, the inboard engines are shut down.

Thank God for anti-collision lights!! Ken, Here is a list of the forms. That does sound right to me. Please correct me if I am wrong. Afto form fodm is the front page to acft forms it has the names of the dcc adcc and the pilot along with the acft tail number some pilot information to include flight time conver … sions. To be honest about it, I call my wife honey most of the time cause I don’t remember her name most of the time, and I also think that is why she calls me honey. The grease, oil and blood comment was right on.

The K was a cardboard sheet in the back of the forms and was yellow. Posted July 31, For a number of reasons, all engines on an aircraft may not be run the same amount. I don’t remember all the forms we had but that I guess is part of growing old.

Just needed a memory jogger. Register a new account. What do you fellow crew chiefs think, wouldn’t it be fun to go through them again??? I don’t remember any other times it may have been.

Choose a video to embed. Enter the organization to which the aerospace vehicle is possessed, with the command designation in parenthesis. Of course, at CRB you wanted to get your plane O. Mail to Johnny to see how! Geez guys, this is hard on an old man!

Would you like to merge this question into it?

Bill Edited July 23, by Spectre The airframe requires inspections after a certain number of hours in the air, or a number of Take-offs and landings. After the computer take-over, it was 6 months in a computer file back-up.


By the way Sonny, the A that you enclosed is a little more elaborate than the old ones, but most of the blanks and info needed look familiar! The aerospace vehicle commander will complete blocks 1, 6 through 33, 35, and 36 in accordance with AFI Either mine or the specialists time. Since I was still stationed at Naha during that time, makes it seem more real!! Posted July 26, Then I had to fill out some kind of time form and give it to the bread truck driver at the end of my shift.

So each engine and the airframe have their own J to keep track of their use and determine when inspections are due. I do know I couldn’t keep that kind of schedule up now, Ken By the way Sonny, the A that you enclosed is a little more elaborate than the old ones, but most of the blanks and info needed look familiar!

What is a afto form j

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I was there Sept 63 till June My recollection is that we initiated discrepancies on the a. Thanks in advance, Ken Carlson Acft. Already have an account?

Posted August 4, I remember the K’s in the back that always had to be gone through at every de-briefing upon returning home from CRB etc. I too would find it an absolute thrill to go back over those maint.

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