October 8, 2020

You can even schedule a one-on-one appointment at a Sprint Store near you. Visit for the complete User Guide. There are also community. Technical and Troubleshooting. Guide. AIRAVE The AIRAVE connects to Sprint’s network through your broadband Internet connection. Outgoing calls go. You’ll need to connect your AIRAVE to a router or a broadband (cable or DSL) modem. Have a router? Please use the setup instructions on this page. Just have .

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Anyone know the reach of it? The Magic Box boosts your coverage without wires. Would you be able to share the steps that you took to get an Airave 3? Lastly is battery life, I’ve seen major improvements in standby time since my phone isn’t connecting to a weak 1x signal.

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It also has WiFi. Our original conversation wasn’t about the Airave, I just mentioned it and the response below was what he said. I see 4 APs advertising services from it. It works the other way around too where the phone would connect to the Aifave coming into the house opposed to dropping the call.


This is not a rant or troll space. Right now it might only be available to business customers, just guessing.

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Sprint tech support informed me this afternoon that the Airave 3 was available exclusively available for business accounts. Needless to say, I’m now in the dog house. TwitterYouTubeReddit Sprint: Anything worth messing with in the configuration? I hope you understand.

Initial batch comes out around July. Marcelo Claure Executive Chairman: Its not amazing, and it lacks complex routing. TwitterYouTubeReddit. I want to say thanks to Jason S.

The user name and password I believe is “admin” or just “admin” for the user name. It also helps voice so really it’s like your very own mini tower. aieave

Look for the defualt gateway IP address and type that in your browser. Would try to get one if wifi was good on it. Sprint subscribe unsubscribe 11, readers users here now This subreddit is not managed by Sprint Corp. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If you are submitting an article, you must use the article title or very close to it.


I got the new Airave 3 LTE! Here are some pictures. : Sprint

I walked out to my yard and started walking to the road, the signal was weak enough to connect to another weak B25 signal.

I’m not totally sure what it’s for but I did find that you can use it like a WiFi router if you have it plugged in via Ethernet. Here are some pictures. Twitter Adrienne Norton Corp.

Actually had to call Sprint’s Customer Care at and the lady mentioned the. Anyone doing this will be banned. It’s supposed to come out mid next month the Airave 3 LTE. We encourage any verified employee to message the mods there to request access. Msnual don’t even see it on my network, IP address wise. Ok so in your post you state it is not coming out until mid June.