September 28, 2020

All about Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil) by Ismail Kadare. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Aksidenti: roman. Front Cover. Ismail Kadare. Onufri, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Aksidenti. The novel in question is, of course, Broken April by Ismail Kadaré who has City (Darka e Gabuar: ), and The Accident (Aksidenti: ).

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I will say that I did read until the end because I was enthralled to know what iadare happened that fateful morning. Subtle symbolic approaches, and as one blurb review says, elements of fabulism, and pushes at the boundaries a little and thus to great effect of the compact between author and reader.

I can see hints of what Kadare is trying to do here. Jul 19, Adam rated it liked it Shelves: Hardcoverpages. Retrieved 23 May To view it, click here.

The novels of Ismail Kadare”.

Ismail Kadare

Pyetja se qka ndodhi ne t’vertete, a ishte thjeshte aksident apo tentim vrasje, nuk i ndahet lexuesit asnjehere. Refresh and try kadage. What a person says may not be what they actually thought or did. I binte ne ato caste nje hir qe te trembte,te rrezonte. It was an interesting read which taught me some things about blood feuds in the Mediterranean region altogether and not just in Albania. Want to Read saving….

Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest explanation is the best explanation, but it’s not always the most satisfying. Though my copy was in English, and seemed well translated, qksidenti was still very difficult to follow his oblique approach to the events he was writing about.


The novel was not received well by the critics in Albania at the time. One thing is a bad book by a lesser author – another, is a terrible book by a talented writer.

It is so great. Though Kadare offers no clear guide to his goals with the novel — though there is no real path to understanding the relationship of Besort Y. The dates of publication given here are those of the first publication in Albanian, unless stated otherwise. And the truth is, little of the best of this writing is romantic.

It concerns the extremely thorough investigation of an automobile accident that occurred 17 Ismai outside of Vienna. The problem with The Accident is aksidehti it feels too surreal for me to invest any sort of emotional or intellectual connection with the story or characters.

The Accident

From Man Booker International Prize winner Ismail Kadare comes a dizzying psychological thriller of twisted passions, dual identities, and political subterfuge. An aspect of this novel that I enjoyed very much was the very original structure. I’ve read and reviewed a lot of his novels and have steadily said that he deserves a Nobel Prize. Non si comprende quale ruolo abbia Bessfort nello scacchiere politico europeo. Last year I called out My Mediterranean Reading Summer and read or at least listed a book for each one of the twenty-one countries plus Gibraltar and Palestine.

Retrieved 12 March But it is also about the myriads of interpretations people might give for an event that they begin to delve into the ridiculous. They are obliquely ironic as a result of trying to withstand political scrutiny.


Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil) by Ismail Kadaré | LibraryThing

InKadare claimed political asylum in France, issuing statements in favor of democratization. The writer is the natural enemy of dictatorship. The driver cannot explain why he lost control; he only says that the mysterious couple seemed to be about to kiss.

Sensing their relationship is coming to an end, the lovers attempt to find some new way of understanding their relationship, a new way of being.

I am not yet completely jaded. While studying literature in Moscow he managed to get a collection of his poems published in Russian, and there he also wrote his first novel The City with no Signs inintentionally defying the rules of socialist realism.

With a series of unreliable witnesses, including the taxi driver, he kadarf into a black hole of confusion and confounding. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Angelus Nominee for Shortlist But, maybe the author intended this. To see my review please visit http: To Kadare’s ismaip, I was transported to another place while reading this novel. The author does not seem to be able to decide.