February 24, 2021

Al Final del Arco Iris by Vernor Vinge, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy Al Final del Arco Iris = Rainbow’s End (Nova) Translation by Vernor Vinge, Pedro Jorge Romero (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Find Al Final Del Arcoiris by Vinge, Vernor at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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The first chapter is a bait-and-switch, introducing us to fascinating heroes, villains, and schemes, before focusing the rest of the book on less likable and interesting settings. It’s a novel about connecting with a lapsed generation and also generations of family long neglected. The most techno-savvy i. Robert lives with his son and daughter-in-law; they are both Marines working for Homeland Security and are trying to track down the hacker-terrorist s. Clearly it was powerful – a real game-changer.

Google overcomes the novel. Rinna starts Twitter, it is popular with Line. Paperbackpages. The Best Books of There vunge occasional references to elderly people retraining because their jobs no longer exist.

You’d target the actual soldiers. And so it turns out the book is largely about people trying to discover the significance of their own actions.

Though the two events are seemingly innocuous whether taken together or separatelythe vast resources of vsrnor power and analysts that are brought to bear on these events suggest to security personnel that someone is very subtly testing a new weapons system, perhaps a YGBM weapon YGBM stands for You-Gotta-Believe-Me, jargon for mind control weapons.

I like to put myself in the mindset of people there. Looking for beautiful books?

His vjnge insubordination is treated like a funny joke that he can get out of by playing one of his many trump cards at any time. This book is set in England thousands of years after a 20th-century nuclear war destroyed most life on earth. This special status separates him subtly from his peers and further encourages him to analyze and question what he sees around him. I think my favorite idea here and it’s one that completely irrelevant to the plot is the notion of fiction inspired augmented reality overlays of real locations.


Rainbows End focuses on Professor Robert Gu, a world renown poet and former Alzheimer’s sufferer who has been cured by a state of the art treatment. Vinge gives us a world that is completely believable.

Al Final del Arco Iris. What you notice after a arxoiris start if only vrenor stuck with I’m trying to understand.

Best of all, “belief circles” are fandom all growed up — they fight for the right to theme public buildings, engage in massive-scale RPG-style interaction, and even create their own characters and storylines for fractions of pennies which are automatically sent to the copyright-holders, be still my fair-use-loving heart!

Robert Gu was, we are told repeatedly, an abusive husband and father. Tagomi, a well-meaning businessman in the PSA who unknowingly coordinates a meeting between a German double-agent and a Japanese general and gets involved in foreign intrigue way over his head.

At the beginning of this story, Miles is a lowly ensign just graduated from the Barrayaran military academy. Alas, this more interesting plot tends to play second fiddle to the family drama Robert experiences with his son, daughter-in-law and, in particular, his granddaughter.

Al Final Del Arcoiris by Vinge, Vernor

My favorite character was Mr. Most areas of the civilized world allow people to maintain a connection to the internet at all times via a vast array of devices embedded in buildings, on the ground, even flying through the air though areas called deadzones exist, where either thanks to a paucity of devices or a total lack of devices either only a much reduced connection is possible or no connection of any kind can be made; these areas might be found in parts of buildings not normally visited by the public or even those who work there – such as in sewers – or in wilderness areas such as might be found in national parks.


Poet laureates learning to Google, rascally rabbits in cyberspace. The two plot threads connected very well together and made for a great story. And that’s the overall problem I had with Rainbows Vinge’s vision of the future may be more realistic than most, but his characters and plot drag.

With knowledge comes risk. Oct 08, Mike Moore rated it did not like it. Russell Hoban Awards: So, that I didn’t really empathize or care about any of the characters isn’t a valid criticism. I’m sure there are people who will say, but this is science fiction, what do you expect? I find myself extremely unmotivated to write this review. Book ratings by Goodreads. I started to despair around pagehowever, when the complexity of the plot afcoiris the technological shenanigans seemed to be increasing geometrically.

But I find him annoying.

Rainbows End

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of No, happily, the book it reminded me of the most was the great Canticle for Leibowitz. Perhaps a monograph or po-mo, symbol-heavy novella would probably have been a better vehicle to explore all this stuff? As you might be able to tell, Rainbows End struck a topical chord for me.

I like Rainbows End a lot, it gives what seems to be a convincing glimpse into the near future.