September 29, 2020

Sad news in the world of young-adult literature. A début novel called “Crash Into Me” was released Monday, but its author, Albert Borris, has. Crash Into Me by Albert Borris – book cover, description, publication history. My personal recommendation. I recommend this book to people at the age of 13, maybe 14, to any age above 14 really. I say this because I.

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But will their cross country odyssey push them all the way over? Borris has a deft way with character info plot, and md topic is timely, and the portrait of teen suffering is balanced and real.

Sono quattro ragazzi totalmente diversi, che provengono da situazioni familiari tutt’altro che rosee, accomunati dal forte desiderio di morire. It’s perfect – hopeful without being unrealistic! I felt like it was watered down somehow–I mean, if you’re going to write a book like this, it should be darker, grittier The pact was all they had.

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However, I could at least relate to them in some ways I myself have been in the hospital twice for depression, yet I just couldn’t connect with the story.

The characters were neither interesting or connectable.

Some of the teens change their minds about suicide along the way. Want to Read saving…. Personalmente, trovo che il libro appassioni molto.


I loved how the characters didn’t judge. Albert is a national award winning student assistance counselor. If I had to even chose a favourite, I wouldn’t be able to.

Nov 19, Maddy rated it liked it Shelves: This starts to change as he meets the three other teens, especially Audrey, who becomes his very first girlfriend. If you would like to give this book a try and purchase it, the link is below: Noelia Alonso 16 February at Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Albert Borris treats the topic with respect, but still achieves to integrate funny scenes which relax the dark atmosphere of this suicide trip. I truly appreciate each and every intk, and I’d love to chat!

Mar 25, Sesana rated it liked it Shelves: This worked in Looking for Alaskabut not here. It crasy felt kind of forced and inappropriate for a suicide book. Jin-Ae knows Audrey and Frank through a Suicide chatroom, and eventually all four of them become “friends” online.

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It was like this to I barely made it through this one. By the end he seemed like a stronger person and more was decisive. These four teenagers are not relatable. At the end of the journey, they plan to commit suicide as a group. Owen and Jin-Ae go to school together, but they dont meet each other there instead they meet when they are both in a psych hospital for trying to kill themselves.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This starts to change as he meets the three other teens, especially Audrey, who becomes his very first girlfriend. They start to actually have fun for once in their life, they try new things, visit places they never dreamed of visiting, and do things they never thought they could.

Not a blown up dramatic moment where everything is suddenly right in the world. It’s like Borris was trying to turn her into a manic-pixie like Alaska, from Looking for Alaskabut he failed because she was so annoying. I had to keep myself from sleeping while reading this book as there was nothing interesting or exciting. Owen, Jin-Ae, Frank and Audry have formed an unusual bond.

Is life worth living in spite of the pain? At first, I intl like albeft, since I thought that ceash make it hard to get to know the other characters, but I ended up liking reading from Owen’s POV.

It’s like Borris held back with any emotion, like he didn’t want to show any ‘sentimentality’. Vi lascio con un dubbio amletico: