October 7, 2020

At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. MODEL. RETURN FILTER. TV FILTER. CF 5 – 30 MHz. 47 – MHz. IF FILTER. – MHz. CF 5 – 65 MHz. 86 – MHz. The CF broadband head-end amplifier has multiple inputs and different band Output Level (IMD3 dB). dBμV. Output Level (IMD2 dB). dBμV.

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Accessories AM AL 24 power supply unit. The mast multiplexer enables the distribution of the satellite signal to the interior of the building when it is not possible to add a new cable for the satellite.

Base for dish stand for embedding. Characteristics Shielded zamak chassis and F type connectors. Supplied in individual or multiple packs. Power must be supplied from the inputs or the through outputs to feed the built-in line amplifiers. Packed individually, except for the BU antenna which is supplied in a multiple pack. We provide security to people through intercommunication systems, controlled access and domestic and professional automation. Areas where reception is difficult, with large differences in level between channels.

Orders a,cad indicate the number of multiple packs and not the number of antennas. Alternate filters should be used if two filters are adjusted to the same frequency. The SP support frame is not included.


alcad cf |

They are installed at the output of the distribution elements when the distance to the TV outlet is great. With the AM, however, only the low and high pass filter can be used. PT Characteristics Voltage blockage in the output connectors.

We design, manufacture and market European quality technology products and systems.

It has one inputs to amplify the signal coming from all the receivers of the installation, and a mutliplexing input for the rest of the channels of the installation. Any delay in the agreed date of payment could be cause for an additional invoice to cover the costs of delay and damages.

CF-112_ distribution amplifier – return path

An essential feature of this equipment is its generous operating temperature margin which gives it great reliability. They are fixed alad the floor by means of a tower stand and are strengthened by means of guy wires. Fast and easy mounting, no tools are required for its assembly. Tap-offs with different attenuations are used to compensate the levels at the different outlets.

The output of each modulator is directly connected to the monochannel amplifier. The signal obtained can be distributed to a large number of TV outlets using a single coaxial cable. Modulation in VSB vestigial side band. Has two outputs, one with both terrestrial and satellite TV amplified, the other with the terrestrial TV amplified but with the satellite signal from alvad SAT2 multiplexing input unamplified.


Connected by pushing into the female F connector. Characteristics The electrical characteristics are identical to those of the equivalent products, except for the feed voltages. Decoding of mono, stereo and dual audio. It is possible to calculate the reduction values with the following formulas instead of using the reduction tables.

We are #signal_hunters

We capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people. Multiplexing and diplexing bridge with high-speed male F-type connector, to combine the signal of the modules or for the distribution of the signal from one antenna to several modules.

Several sections of the mast can be added to extend its length. Used to feed intermediate active multiswitches starting from only one amplifier in the head-end. The outlet facilitates the connection of the TV to the distribution and loads the distribution when the TV is not connected.

The assembly of the antenna is simple, once installed it is very robust and assures great orientation stability.