October 8, 2020

Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. Kimiya-yi Sa’ādat was a book written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī, a Persian theologian, philosopher, and prolific Sunni Muslim. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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For if the pilgrim do not understand the grounds of the ghazapi due to, and the law-fulness of his food and drink, his dwelling and his clothing, if he do not understand the causes which impair or render complete acts of purification and devotion, what has a tendency to give strength to the blameable affections of the soul, and what is their nature and their remedy, he can derive no advantage from the sciences of spiritual exercise, discovery and revelation.

It also advocates about a simpler and fuller lifestyle and how to deal with mundane to important diurnal issues. In token of respect, the servants set before him silver washing-basins, gjazali of costly stones, perfumes of musk and amber with chafing dishes.

The Alchemy of Happiness – Online Library of Liberty

Alghazzali has an interesting perspective on spirituality which shines through in the analogies he uses. I read it during the period between and in Limerick, Ireland. Thus the spinner aids the work Edition: That which is necessary to the student is pious ardor and zeal, and this must be called into exercise in perfection.

Sorcery with the eyes, is of this kind of power. For God has extolled knowledge and the doctors of the law; and the Edition: Shariq rated it liked it Nov 16, Each internal and external organ has various curious uses, of which man is entirely uninformed. Filled with fear and dread, they became blind from their tears; from their long continuing perturbation and distraction of mind, yon would think they had lost the use of their reason.

Sometimes, I feel the Muslim community places too much value on the words of great scholars and seem to forget that they are human. Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali is one of the most important religious figures in Islamic history.

He made you more excellent and noble than all other creatures, and to exercise rule over all possible things. The heart of man, veiled with the garments of heedlessness, forgot the assembly with which it had been familiar, and imagining that this miserable place was to be its mansion of rest, it chose to establish itself here in this world of perdition, as haopiness this was its home.


It addresses how to handle human emotions such as anger, greed, spite and jealousy. It is impossible to recover from Edition: If it should look upon a lion or tiger with severity, they would become weak and submissive.

By knowledge it subdues the elephant, the camel and the tiger. Know also, that if the heart should not be tarnished with the rust of rebellion, and if the animal and ferocious qualities should not be dominant, that it would be capable, on account of the presence in it of angelic properties, of manifesting this same influence over other bodies.

The blood being still mixed with water, has no consistence, and the kidneys draw the water from the blood and purify it.

Think not that these discoveries of truth are limited to the prophets alone. Still the miserable naturalist, who ascribes effects to the influences of nature, speaks correctly.

You cannot learn it by any possible efforts from any other person by the hearing of the ear. When inadvertently any of the prophets fell into sin, even a little and venial sin, they would spend years in mourning and lamentation over it, and occupied themselves in endeavors to obliterate Edition: As for the companions of the prophet, and their immediate successors who were faithful witnesses happlness the truth and the beloved of God, they were so afraid in their suspicionsness of doing wrong, that they abstained in their anxiety, from doing even what was lawful.

Many of the same paradoxes and problems that startle or fascinate in the nineteenth akchemy are here discussed.


Man as at first created, was destitute of works, and void of perfection: The remembrance of God will be predominant in the heart that is always engaged in devotion: In the presence of the multitude, they put on a holy mien and do not approve of error and sin, but they do not withdraw their hearts from the pleasure of wine, nor from adulterous and licentious society, nor withdraw their hands from the business of gaining the world.

If he pass all his days in attending to the preservation of the body, and spend the capital of his life, in providing food and drink for the body, he will not reach the mansions of felicity, but will wander in the wilderness of destruction, without capital, penniless and a naked vagabond. An engaging read until the chapter about marriage. Minerals, like gold, silver, copper and iron, were created to serve as instruments to provide means of sustaining life in man. The quest for happiness has always been part of the human condition.


But if he performs his service imperfectly, a pack saddle will be put on his back, as on the ass, from day to day he will be employed as a beast of burden, and he will be carelessly and deficiently provided with food, and poorly taken care of. The sovereign needs the service of all the inhabitants. After you have learned, O student of the divine mysteries, what this world in its meaning really is, it is important that you should look at the world in detail.

This is a book that can easily be unappreciated. We need to somehow lift the curtain of de This is a book that can easily be unappreciated. The most exalted in wisdom and the most penetrating among men are far from understanding it, even when they apply themselves to it, both with science, practice and a pure life.

The Alchemy of Happiness

If anything, he’s just wrong on this score. You know, also, that in infancy the ingredients of your body were drawn from pure blood.

Others, not satisfied with gazing around, loaded themselves with stones that had the appearance of being precious, and after a time returned to the ship. They contain not the Mohammedanism of the creed or the catechism, but of the closet and the pulpit. Now all these are the agents of the heart and subject to its rule.

But the existence of his spirit would not be at the same time shut out from his view.

Can there be any more astonishing folly than that of these men ghazalk dare to compare themselves with the sea, because they are not disturbed by drinking several bowls of happpiness, while they compare the prophet of God, to a little water, which is changed in its taste by a single date?

He was in antagonism with men who to him appeared, like Avicenna, to exalt reason above the Koran, yet he himself aldhemy to the extreme limits of reasoning in his endeavors to find an intelligible basis for the doctrines of the Koran, and a philosophical basis for a holy rule of life. If a fly or mosquito molest him, he cannot get rid of it.

If it should look upon the vigorous with majesty, they might become infirm.