September 29, 2020

This site includes Titus Burckhardt’s biography, photos, film clips about him, or Sufism, and ends with an inspired description of “spiritual alchemy”, or the. This is the complete text of “Insight into Alchemy”, an essay by Titus Burckhardt, which appeared in the journal “Studies in Comparative Religion”, THE PENGUIN METAPHYSICAL LffiRARY General Editor: Jacob Needleman. ALCHEMY. The son of the Swiss sculptor Carl Burckhardt, Titus Burckhardt was.

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William Stoddart speaks in detail about several of Titus Burckhardt’s contributions to alcchemy Perennialist School. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This brief exposition of notes on Titus Burckhardt’s life and work contains some good insights into his work on traditional science and art.

In Fez, City of IslamBurckhardt relates the history of a people and its religion—a history that was often violent, often heroic, and sometimes holy. Paperbackpages. Burckhardt bowed and, when the Pope offered him his hand bearing the Fisherman’s Ring, he respectfully took alchejy in his.

Chartres and the Birth of the Cathedral translated by William Stoddart.

Much later—in a series of articles published in both French and German in —he covered the cosmological ground very fully indeed, and also made many detailed references to the main branches of modern science. The tree has two further branches, which are weaker and softe rthan alcheym efirst four.

Throughout it all runs the thread of Islamic piety and civilization. But in this book, perhaps more than in all others, it is a question of the romance, chivalry, and poetry of pre-modern life. Together they talked about the Dark Ages and about the surpassingly beautiful manuscripts of the Gospels that had been so lovingly and so finely produced during them. Online Library of Articles. This is the realm of the craft initiations of the various traditional civilizations, and specifically of such things, in the Middle Ages, as operative masonry and alchemy.


Titus Burckhardt: Alchemy – Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul – Ars, Arte et Labore

Here the intellectual principles and the spiritual role of artistic creativity in its Islamic forms are richly and generously displayed before us.

It seems more likely that international congress of ideas had been going on for quite some time, and that the influence of the East, and Islam is something neglected in most Western historical courses, something Burckhart was trying to relieve.

Perennialist author Titus Burkhardt in Granada, Spain, in Chartres is the story of the religious “idealism” in the best sense of the word which lay behind the conception and practical realization of the medieval cathedrals—the still extant monuments of an age of faith.

Quotes on Titus Burckhardt. Much later—in a series of articles published in both French and German in —he covered the cosmological ground very fully indeed, and also made many detailed references to the main branches of modern science.

It is clear to me that during the Nestorian dispersion to the East, and during Crusades, the survivors brought back pieces of other cultures, which were probably of greater influence than we have been taught to encompass.

This burckhrdt obviously a formative period in Burckhardt’s life, and much of his subsequent message and style originates in these early years. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He was a frequent contributor to the journal Studies in Comparative Religion along with other prominent members of the school. Essays on the Meaning of Man.


In literary and philosophic terms, he was an eminent member of the “traditionalist” or “perennialist” school of 20th century thinkers and writers. Preview — Alchemy by Titus Burckhardt.

Insight into Alchemy

Here is the text to which Stoddart refers i. The historians of science have thought in their studies to discern in alchemy a primitive chemistry and the roots of the modern science zlchemy name derives from alchemy. Open Preview See a Problem? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bookseller Locator Bookseller Trade.

That is, alchemy seeks to lead man by stages from the burckhqrdt prima to the state of purity which makes possible the wedding of soul and Spirit, the moon and the Sun.

One could wish, however, that some of the sentences which appear only in Latin had been followed by their English translation thus making this easier to read for all and sundry.

Bernardino of Siena who was one of the greatest Catholic practitioners—and teachers—of the invocatory aclhemy of prayer, based on the saving power of the Holy Name. Jul 09, Lissa Notreallywolf rated it really liked it.

Keenom rated it it was amazing Dec 25,