October 13, 2020

Allgon dualband antenna specification. 1. AllgonAntenna SystemsNMT , ETACS , GSM , DCS , UMTS ; 2. Antennas. A Tradition of Quality Since Powerwave delivers antennas to cus- . Gain. Electrical. HBW. Number. Family. MHz. Number. dBi (dBd). Downtilt. Model. Type. Length. Width. Depth. Weight. , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , ,

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Add to shopping cart. The inter-channel isolation has also been advantageously affected by making the radiating patches slightly rectangular, i.

US6295028B1 – Dual band antenna – Google Patents

The gain is max. Constructed and investigated the performance of reduced surface wave microstrip patch antennas.

Donation to Save the Children Sweden Christmas is all about the children! Flat panel antenna with radome for outdoor installations, 15 dBi gain. Diameter of base 48mm, total height 45cm.

Magnet base with only 60 mm diameter, with 3m cable attached with FME connector.

Antenna Design Professional|Richard Smith|TQ Antennas

A dual band antenna of the kind mentioned in the first paragraph is disclosed in the Swedish patent application Allgon ABwherein each dual or combined antenna element comprises aperture coupled, planar, mutually parallel patches being placed one on top of the other and being centered in relation to a central point of a cross-shaped aperture in a ground plane layer serving as a reflector device.

Further to the antenna gain you will experience a system allgin of at least 10 dB compared to the small built-in antennas by mounting the antenna outside of a building. The antenna comes complete with 2x 5m cable and SMA connectors.

Other connectors available on request. The main object stated above is achieved, according to the present invention, in that the reflector device, on each lateral side thereof, is provided with an edge portion formed as a groove, which is open towards the front side of the reflector device and amtenna is dimensioned so as to widen the beam width of the second beam in the higher frequency bandin particular to an angular value being close to that of the first beam in the speccification frequency band.


What is claimed is: Integrated new and existing digital hardware into a seismic data real-time recording system using a VMEbus specificaiton. Versatile antenna for data modems – no matter which network you use, this antenna covers all. The antenna as defined in claim 2wherein said patch elements are stacked one on top of the other in each combined antenna element.

Such an antenna structure with combined antenna elements specificatiln turned out to be very natenna in production and use. Circular polarized planar printed antenna concept with shaped radiation pattern. Multi frequency magnetic dipole antenna structures for very low-profile antenna applications. Includes two waterproof rubber gaskets.

This is very helpful when operating a WiFi extender on board a ship which connects to a land-based WiFi network. The geometrical configuration of the grooves can be selected as desired by those skilled in the art, e. Gain 8 dBi, length 55cm, connector N female. Implemented design changes indentified by senior engineering staff.

Parallel and series FED microstrip array with high efficiency and low cross polarization. The central portion 10 of the reflector device 1 is planar and carries the patches 4 b5 b6 b in FIG. A 5m cable with SMA male connector is included. Richard has over 20 years experience in antenna allgno, manufacturing and deployment as well as strong numerical modeling and laboratory validation techniques. Flat antennas for unobtrusive installation on even surfaces.

Cover all data communication requirements with just one antenna! The antenna as defined in claim 1wherein said at least one combined antenna element antenan at least two elements arranged in a linear array along said central, longitudinal plane.

USB1 – Dual band antenna – Google Patents

Size 50x25cm, weight 1. Stubby Antennas or MHz Includes mounting bracket for mast max 50 mm diameter installation. Ideal antenna for notebooks with radio data modem or traditional telephone cards. We would kindly ask you to contact us for a quote. Antenna includes mounting bracket for wall mount.


It can also be used for Wifi specificatioj with two antenna connectors or for LTE sytems on band 3 and 7.

Normally, the groove has such dimensions that it has only a minor effect on the width and other properties of the beam in the first frequency band the lower frequency band. Smarteq receives nomination from a leading forest machine manufacturer A large global forest machine manufacturer….

Or combine two triband antennas to cover several directions at the same time. Size x x 50mm, weight 1.

About TQ Antennas

Developed CPE antennas for several different platforms. Please look on the bottom side of your card, there you will find the manufacturer’s name. The mount allows tilt and swivel. The dual band antenna according to the invention can ajtenna modified considerably within the scope of the appended claims. As a general rule, however, tests have shown that the depth of the groove should be 0.

Size x mm excl. Horizontally polarized antenna array having extended E-plane beam width and method for accomplishing beam width extension. The radiating patches 5 b6 b can be replaced by other kinds of dual or combined antenna elements, such as dipole structures. No protruding parts, very robust construction. Therefore, our Christmas gift this year is ajtenna donation… Read more.

The couplers are just spevification on the USB stick, connect a suitable antenna from our program to the connector cable. The connector is an industry standard N type socket, a cable of the required length must be ordered separately.