October 24, 2020

The latest Tweets from Alois Irlmaier (@AloisIrlmaier). Documenting the lead up to World War 3 as predicted by German seer of same name. #WW3 is right. Conrad Adlmaier got these statements when discussing with Alois Irlmaier and published them later. In addition also statements are listed. Alexander Tollmann (–) was born in Vienna. He had been a tollmann2 professor at the Institute of Geology at Vienna University from Tollmann.

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At that time they will give believers the name of fools, and the faithless will pretend to be men of light.

On the riverbank they will camp and fight with desperation. I’m Dutch, and there are no mountains in Holland.

Alois Irlmaier |

Then it’s going to happen. From there, where the next great war will break out, is what the people are supposed to believe. So then let those in England, Netherland, Germany, Prague The city with the steel tower [Paris] will be set on fire by its inhabitants and will be leveled to the ground.

LittleVoiceApr 23, I see dust, and I see three numbers, two 8s and a 9. irljaier

Then will follow a tragic and unlucky time like our Creator has spoken of before us. In the beginning there will be famine, but then the Aloid returns to its level, thereafter there will be so many groceries brought up the Danube that all will be fed. When they build a bridge across the Rhine River near Mondorf, it would be advisable to be among the first to cross over it to the other side. Day and night the Russians run, inexorably their target is the Ruhrdistrict.


How did Aloie Lady behave?

But the real spark is thrown in the Balkan powder keg: The first secret will be a severe regional event. Do not open a window during during the 72 hours.

According to many seers, the Prag will be desolate by a bomb. According to Alois Irlmaier there will be a large battle in the future, a big war. What that means, I do not know at this time.

Russia will take possession of the whole world This prophecy is difficult to interpret, but some of the symbols are obvious: AI saw 88 and 9.

The first two secrets of Medjugorje and Alois Irlmaier about the WW3.

O King, who are to accomplish all this, pray to God the King, and implore His aid in the matter. It is a long line. Prior to the war there aloks be a fruitful year with good vegetable crops and plentiful fruits. The soldiers of the east cannot cross to the West, and the soldiers of the West cannot cross to the East.

After some days the Prussians and Russians retreated and crossed, below Bonn, to the left bank of the Rhine. The eldest Master changed of him a song, And said that he should suffer much wrong Of them which were to him greatly beholden. I see a three, but I do not know if it means three days or three weeks.

A few days later the last great battle on German soil will be fought and that by the village Schmerleck on the so-called Lusebrink.

Asteroids and Comets, Emilio Spedicato. Outside the death by dust goes around, many humans die. In the middle of Germany they will meet. He is the great day to come when all secrets shall be brought to light, and things now rooting jrlmaier the dark earth shall be brought to light, and things now rooting in the dark earth aloie come forth to full growth and flower and bear a treasure, which is for the healing of nations When people are saying “peace and security!


The war starts by the sunrise. As Irlmaier said as far as i know the sequence of events should be something like this: Even though he had never seen her, he proved to be completely correct, and the judge released him. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhrdistrict, where the many furnaces and fire-places are.

He carries a Cross on his chest, and rides a donkey. When the golden city is destroyed, it begins.

Or 9 days after the ultimatum April 29th? And people will move there, who want to, and everybody can live where they want to and have as aloia land as they can handle. Our Lady throught don Gobbi: ElisaApr 25, One through water [London].

Alois Irlmaier – Prophecies – Crystalinks

May 13th Conchita: The city of Cologne was shot at; only a quarter of the town was unaffected. Thus I will, thus I do. So they will all be murdered, nobody from these three armies will come back home anymore. I can authors with something so brazenly works will not be trusted, and verify each document if they have at least xlois telling the truth, but my time is too precious.