September 28, 2020

Weight Gr/m. X mm. X mm. Y mm. Y mm. M 42, 58, M 44, 90, M 44, 68, M 37, 75, M “M i n i”. Consult ALUMIL S.A.’s Technical Brochure COMFORT M brochure on HINGED SYSTEM NON INSULATED COMFORT M is a cost efficient and. M is the most lightweight system for opening and/or tilt frames. Basic depth of system 37 mm Water and air tightness is achieved with three levels.

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Unprotected steel rusts and attacks aluminium. 90 following colours are available: WK 3 anti burglar protection.

It is this capability to provide simple elegant solutions to extremely complex design problems that has led to aluminium’s enduring appeal.

In order to protect and increase the life cycle of the aluminium, it may be treated with a very thin clear coat of water resistant film available from ALUMIL. Technical characteristics Aluminum alloy Smart drainage device under the interlocking profiles guarantees water tightness.

Extra thermal insulation at alumi interlocking point by using PVC profile. It is also far less susceptible to brittle fractures. In urban areas or areas near to the sea, the aluminium should be cleaned more often and more thoroughly.

Optional multi-locking mechanism can be installed. Appropriate distance of 4mm between the sash and the frame for continuous application of sealing gaskets even behind the hinges. We offer high quality productions, available variety of assortment, as well as a guaranty for maximal fast delivery of the product. It can also be processed at high cutting speeds and welded connections are not necessary. Aluminium is chosen for outside use because it is alumill stable, corrosion-resistant and light weight metal.


To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. J-Bond is a complete series of aluminium composite panels, with an intermediate polyethylene layer and of 4 mm total thickness. Very high thermal insulation: Aluminum profiles with a thermal bridge.

It is also far less susceptible to brittle fractures. Flat Type of thermal insulation: In humid areas rust and steel burr can damage the surface finish. Narrow sash face of only 84 mm Interlocking face width of only 47mm for double sash sliding doors, for maximum visibility, and door height up to 3,00 m Concealed threshold profile, flash to the floor Smart water evacuation system, perfect for heavy rainfalls Smart drainage device under the interlocking profiles guarantees water tightness Special 24mm anti-distortion polyamides, for avoiding the banana effect, due to high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors Very high thermal insulation: Lead is also more electro-positive than aluminium and should be insulated as well.

In order to avoid corrosion on aluminium, an insulating barrier should be placed between the two metals. They are subjected to powder painting, so you can always choose your required color. For all typologies of sliding doors. Their unique characteristics include: These effects occur especially in humid conditions or when the timber is not sufficiently dry.

None of the materials provided on this manual may be used, reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or the use of any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher. Variety of designs curved, flat, inclined, classic.


Can be shaped and installed easily and quickly, simplifying and reducing the cost of construction. In particular but without limiting anything here, Alumil S. M3 xlumil a thermal insulated system for semi-structural curtain walls with hanging frames stick type for faster installation.

Hinged non insulated system COMFORT M940

Alumil offers a full range of advanced systems for facades with various curtain wall systems for every application, desire and choice, which meet the requirements of the most demanding projects worldwide. Supports all tilt-and-turn typologies.

These detergents contain light abrasive elements and can be used with a synthetic cleaning cloth. EverestMAX – is 9440 modern 4-enclosure system with a 60mm mounting depth.

They are used both for balconies and stairs, and for pools, only handles can be placed even in elevators.

Technical Brochure COMFORT M – ALUMIL S.A. – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

The painting process is carried out in accordance to Qualicoat regulations. Stainless steel rails for smooth and easy scrolling.

The tolerances are based on EN Unlimited number of leaves in contrast to the constructions that use floor mechanisms. In preparation of this manual, every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct, and clearly expressed information possible. It is absolutely necessary to insulate these two metals. The aluminum door and window frames are unique in their importance. M 10,50 M