AMMC – 6408 PDF

AMMC – 6408 PDF


January 1, 2021

Description. The AMMC MMIC is a broadband 1W power amplifier in a surface mount package designed for use in transmitters that operate in various. Buy Broadcom AMMCW50 in Avnet Americas. View Substitutes & Alternatives along with datasheets, stock, pricing and search for other RF Amplifier. AVAGO AMMC datasheet, GHz 1W Power Amplifier (1-page), AMMC- datasheet, AMMC pdf, AMMC datasheet pdf, AMMC

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Small signal Gain of 18dB?

Muting can be accomplished by setting Vgg to the pinch-off voltage Vp. The bonding diagram for the recommended assembly is shown in Figure Broadband Wireless Access including This data represents package part performances, and does not contain test fixture losses. The drain bias voltage range is 3 to 5V. This method gives an error due to temperature drift of less than 0. 64008

Vofs can either be characterized over temperature and stored smmc a lookup table, or it can be measured at two temperatures and a linear fit used to calculate Vofs at any temperature. A single DC gate supply connected to Vg will bias all gain stages.


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Typical ESD diode current versus diode voltage for connected diodes in series Figure Negative supply is used for the DC gate biasing. Typical IM3 level and Ids vs. No ground wires are needed since ground connections are made with plated through-holes to the backside of the device.

Operation in excess of any one of these conditions may result in permanent damage to this device.

An optional output power detector network is also provided. Frequency range 6 to 18 GHz? Typical ESD diode current versus diode voltage for connected diodes in series is shown in Figure Integrated RF power detector? Vofs can be measured at a single reference temperature.

AMMC-6408 Datasheet PDF

Minor improvements in performance are possible depending on the application. For maximum life, it is recommended that junction temperatures be maintained at the lowest possible levels. Combinations of supply voltage, drain current, input power, and output power shall not exceed PD. A typical measured detector voltage versus output power at 18GHz is shown Figure Typical S22 over temperature Figure Observe Precautions for handling electrostatic sensitive devices. Data subject to change. Smmc ratings apply to each individual FET 5.


This method gives an error close to the method 1. The drift error will be less than 0. This final package part performance is verified by a functional test correlated to actual performance at one or amc frequencies 9.

Typical Gain and Reverse Isolation Figure 2. Junction operating temperature will directly affect the device MTTF.

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Vofs can be measured before each detector measurement by removing or switching off the power source and measuring Vref – Vdet. Electro Discharge Damage and Control.

In a ammcc package form, Vd1 and Vd2 terminals are commonly connected to the Vdd terminal. Wide Frequency Range GHz? Input port partially matched For narrowband applications, customer may obtain optimum matching and gain with an additional matching circuit? There are three methods to calculate Vofs: Typical IM3 level vs. Typical S11 over temperature Figure