October 1, 2020

Amphipterygium adstringens is a plant widely used in Mexican traditional medicine for its known anti-inflammatory and antiulcer properties. Amphipterygium adstringens is a deciduous shrub or small tree, commonly growing about 3 – 6 metres tall, with a broad and rather flat or sometimes narrow . PDF | Extracts from the bark of Amphipterygium adstringens, known as Cuachalalate, is in Mexico commonly used to treat several gastrointestinal disorders.

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The assay was performed by triplicate per concentration of CE in three independent tests. Food and Chemical Toxicology. De La Rosa, and G. Colonic Antioxidant Enzyme Activities of AaEE The activity of antioxidant enzymes in colonic tissues of control and experimental group of mice is shown in Figure 4. View at Google Scholar I.

According to Al-Fatimi et al. The untreated group received tap water without DSS.

Caetano M Antunes, and B. Because of its ever-growing popularity and since the most sought after part of the plant is its bark, the cuachalalate was as of considered an endangered species. Naringenin is another important amphpterygium present in AaEE.

As mentioned before, oral microbiota diversity is closely related to health conditions and systemic diseases such as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases and cancer. The host immune response, supplemented by excellent oral hygiene, is sufficient to maintain healthy tissues. It is demonstrated here for the first time that oral administration of AaEE effectively attenuates colonic inflammation in mice.


Moreover, there has been a decline in research, development, and approvals of new antimicrobial agents. However, further research should be made to test whether secondary metabolites from A.

Amphipterygium adstringens – Wikipedia

Antimicrobial activity of northwestern mexican plants against Helicobacter pylori. This engages the scientific community to continue obtaining research-based information towards ampihpterygium application and use of traditional medicine that medical health care systems can rely on. Nevertheless the CE itself is useful in the development of new antimicrobial treatment based on natural products to prevent oral diseases and as alternative natural source for cancer treatment and prevention.

Archived adstringen as title Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Effects of extraction methods of phenolic compounds from Xanthium strumarium L. The activity of antioxidant enzymes in colonic tissues of control and experimental group of mice is shown in Figure 4.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The widely employed DSS-induced colitis model recapitulates the histological characteristics of UC [ 89 ]. Histopathological scores were analyzed from slides a. Diseases as caries, periodontitis and gingivitis, oropharyngeal candidiasis, and cancer have had profound effects on human health.


The antioxidant activity values were determined according to the following equation: Strains were cultured following their specific requirements. This result comes in concordance with many previous studies that reported that GPx plays a much greater role in the removal of H 2 O 2 than CAT [ 29 — 31 ]. However, survival curves showed that AaEE significantly increased the survival rate of the mice Figure 1.

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.

In other projects Wikispecies. The gas carrier was helium at a flow rate of 0. View at Google Scholar H. We investigated the effects of alcoholic extract of A. Amphipterygium adstringens Scientific classification Kingdom: Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Candida albicans is often guilty in oral candidiasis and has been implicated in persistent apical periodontitis [ 40 ]. Animals from this group showed a variety of clinical symptoms of IBD including diarrhea, bloody stool, and weight loss.