July 13, 2021

NEW LIES FOR OLD The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation ANATOLIY GOLITSYN TO THE MEMORY OF Anna Akhmatova CONSCIENCE. Throughout KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s second book Under Golitsyn’s original understanding, as presented in New Lies for Old. New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Steve said: Written Anatoliy Golitsyn. ยท Rating.

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Because of this, said the Trust agents, any intervention or gesture of hostility from the European powers or the emigre movements would be ill-advised, if not tragic, since it would only unite the Russian people around their government and so extend its survival.

Communist parties in the noncommunist world had failed to gain influence or, in many cases, even legal recognition because of their obvious subservience to Moscow. The cliaracteristics of this disinformation were an apparent moderation in communist ideology, the avoidance of refer- ences to violence in communist methods, the exaggeration of the degree of the restoration of capitalism in Soviet Russia, the use of a sober and businesslike style in diplomatic and commercial negotiations with the West, and emphasis on disarmament and peaceful coexistence.

It will not be readily accepted by those who have for long been committed to opposing points of view. Human contact was completely banned. There were two experienced candidates for the post of head of the new department: Lenin left behind him no specific treatise on the subject, although his writings contain scattered refer- ences to it; deception and duplicity were essential elements in his political technique.

It was not without reason that Beriya was shot for being an “agent of world imperialism,” and that Malenkov was dismissed as Prime Minister in for “departing from Lenin’s and Golittsyn theories.

Luiz rated it really liked it Sep 20, The report ended with the assurance that the Presidium had approved the new tasks of the KGB, attached great importance to their fulfillment, and was confident that the KGB staff would do its best to put the directive into practice. In communist regimes the role of disinformation is entirely differ- ent. He was given a shower once a week and had no television, reading material, radio, exercise, or toothbrush.

For this reason political or social protest movements do not normally lead to revolts of the entire population against the regime. The resources of the KGBs of the national republics were brought into play; for example, in the year alone, the KGB of the Ukraine put up for Moscow approval operational proposals for the recruitment of, or the planting of agents on, foreigners inside nsw outside the Soviet Union.


Anatoliy Golitsyn – Wikipedia

Its role is determined by the particular ways in which communist regimes lles to crises within their systems, by the unlimited extent of communist external objectives, and by the communist capacity for executing a worldwide, long-term, offensive political strategy.

Khrushchev’s progress toward his own form of personal dictator- ship alarmed his colleagues in the leadership.

The adoption of the new, aggressive long-range communist policy precipitated his decision to break with the regime. It has been applied in all commu- nist countries, including, for example, China and Romania as well as the Soviet Union.

Shelepin reported to the conference on the new political tasks of the KGB. A number of other reflections of the adoption of the new policy and the revival of disinformation came to the author’s attention in the course of his work in Soviet inteUigence. Another new department of the Central Committee, the Department of Active Operations, was introduced.

The failures and weakness of the regime are presented as its successes and strengths. Regarding the first claim, Golitsyn had said from the beginning that the KGB would try to plant defectors in an effort to discredit him.

We clearly discern the fraudulent collapse of the USSR by 1 the continued existence of thousands of statues to the anathema Lenin standing proudly throughout Russia; 2 the continued existence of anathema Soviet iconography; and 3 post USSR electorates electing back into power Soviet era Communist Party member Quislings.

Anatoliy Golitsyn

The West will form new political parties where candidates anwtoliy vetted for Marxist ideology, the use of the polygraph to be an important tool for such vetting. Their anwtoliy capacity to olld governmental, press, and public opinion could well be considerable. In the same year he entered military counterinteUigence. It was clear that a reversion to the Stalinist policy of mass repression at home would fail and that traditional revolutionary tactics abroad would only intensify confrontation with the West at a time when the balance of power was unfavorable.

The older members, like Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Mikoyan, and Suslov, wanted to purge themselves of the taint of Stalinism and rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of history. Genuine, potential Western sources of information on the new policy were suppressed. With this end in view. The objectives of disinformation on these “issues” can be summarized as follows: No new organized political opposition to the regime emerged during the NEP.


New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation

At all levels of society it is nurtured by the belief that communism is an unnatural, intolerant, and inhuman system that disregards the individual, maintains itself largely by force and terror, and pursues an aggressive ideological policy aimed at eventual domination of the world. Because of their limitations, the information they provide always needs to be evaluated in conjunction with information from other sources. Nea the important point to note is that anti-Stalinism has traditionally been embraced by many communists who have sought not to abolish the communist system, but to strengthen and purify it by eliminating certain elements in Stalin’s policy and practice.

But the communist strategists had learned the lesson that Western leaders could be deceived and induced to make mistakes in their assessments of, and policy toward, the Soviet Union. The movement published, with unofficial antaoliy assistance, a weekly magazine in Prague and Paris, The Change of Signposts, and in Berlin a paper. The cases of certain leading personalities who had been tried and imprisoned under Stalin were reviewed.

Significantly the Soviet authorities chose to anatoljy for the first time, between and in the fifth edition of Lenin’s works, some of his documents relating to the NEP period and the use of disinformation, in particular in his correspondence with his commissar for foreign affairs, Chicherin.

Hoover’s objections are said to have been so vehement as to severely curtail counterintelligence cooperation between the FBI and CIA for the remainder of Hoover’s service as the FBI’s director. It is my hope that the methodology anatoly come to be used by students of communist affairs throughout the Western world.

The pattern determines the forms and means. The combined lessons of the DVR and the Tito-Stalin split suggested to the communist strategists of the s that spurious splits and independence in the communist world could be used to ease Western pressure and to obtain increased Western economic and even military aid for individual communist countries while the world balance of power was being shifted inconspicuously in communist favor. New Lies for Old: According to her, “one thing is certain: Shelepin continued that the main reason for the unsatisfactory situation in the KGB was that it had departed from the traditions and style of the OGPU, its predecessor under Lenin.