November 29, 2020

While Art Of Attack In Chess is, indeed, about attacking play in chess, it is Vladimir Vukovic, was drawing me into to a treatise of precision and. I have browsed briefly in the Art of Attack book. Looks like a great book to The Vukovic book can help you improving your “sniffing” a pretty great deal. AnnaZC. Compiled by Jaredfchess –* Games from Vladimir Vukovic’s classic book “The Art of Attack” From “The Attack on the King That Has Lost The Right to Castle”.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was a good book it showed me different variations of attacking in the game of chess, its very mindful that you study the tactics in the book so you can use them in real life. Over the Board, nobody will hint you that there is a combination here, at a certain moment. I am currently primary working on improving my tactics and calculation skills. Not enough benefits for World Chess Champion? This book really helped me break out of this counter-productive mindset.

Some people like books, other softwares, videos etc. If you don Another “must have” for any chess player.

Art of Attack in Chess by Vladimir Vuković

Mar 29, 2. Chess Tactics For Champions. Published January 1st by Everyman Chess first published Excellent and highly recommended.

I was referring to vukovic Mar 30, 4. However, I did find the “BxPch” chapter quite enlightening. Mar 22, Ernest Cadorin rated it it was ok Shelves: The part about attacking the uncastled King was especially instructive and I really think I have won many games based on the less I picked up here.


Jonathan rated it it was amazing Nov 21, It’s a very advanced book — I’m a OTB player and it’s still pretty darn rough to get through.

The best follow-up i can think of to josh waitzkin’s “attacking chess”. A study of this masterpiece will add power and brilliance to any chess enthusiast’s play. The chapters elucidate the minutiae of the attack on the King, leaving no stone unturned, and yet each follows logically from the previous, slowly binding all the concepts into a cohesive whole.

Book Review: Art Of Attack In Chess

I disagree with this. Nunn clearly did not just mechanically convert the old text to algebraic form. Yes, books suit some people more than others. Not quite, but in some cases a stategical judgement of a position may well reveal a hidden tactical device.

Even as a beginner I think I got alot out of this book, probably will continue vladimig do so for a long time. Mar 29, 1.

The comparison between kingside castling and queenside castling is very instructive. Indispensable for learning the basic attacking strategies and tactics against castled and uncastled kings. That may sound daunting, but Art Of Attack is actually an amazing work to read. In truth, I generally learn most effectively buy working my way through a book from front to back, understanding the main points of the text, and then returning to the book a few months later to absorb the details.

There are lots of variations, and the author assumes the reader, especially clearly in those variations, to be a pretty strong player. Apr 6, 9. Mar 30, 5. Feb 19, Awalludin rated it it was amazing. Jul 30, Buffalonickel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Guess I must not be serious enough then. So, there you have it: It is sometimes the case that Vukovic leaves issues incomplete when they are only tangential to the current chapter, but he returns to them in later chapters when the previously hanging topic is more relevant, and then all questions are answered.


Then again, though, attacking chess has always been my weak point.

Do you recommend Art of Attack?

Let your computer help you vukovvic for a change! Thanks for telling us about the problem. Trying to keep track of all the variations, even in a single example, is a lot of work. Ashvapathi 16 min ago.

One of the finest chess books ever written, the Art of Attack has been transcribed into algebraic notation for the first time. What do you think? Art Of Attack In Chess is certainly readable by anyone of reasonable intelligence, but there is a certain amount of experience required to understand the information well enough cehss it to be useful. I credit this book for helping me create some of my favorite loses – after rat this book I have been all about attacks and sacrifices. He has devoted considerable energy into giving this book the attention to detail and respect that it deserves.

Would this be the same as imbalances as mentioned in the Jeremy Silman atttack. Try to look at the diagrams, cover up the text, and think about how you would play.

Do you recommend Art of Attack? – Chess Forums –

At first this may seem a bit improbable. Refresh and try again. This book will definitely warrant fine comb treatment in the near future.