October 8, 2020

Abstract. Billy Biswas, the protagonist of Arun Joshi’s second novel, The Strange Case of Billy Biswas faces the problem of the barren, modern. literary milieu of the period to which Joshi belongs. Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas shows the process of alienation and rehabilitation via a 3- tier. The Strange Case of Billy Biswas (), which is chronologically the second novel of Arun Joshi (), shows his study of three different levels of life in .

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His themes are contemporary and still relevant and the quality of his writing first-rate. Here, boswas shift from one level of life to another made by the protagonist is also the shift from one paradigm of value- system to another.

Being the Collector of the district, Romi goes to several places to provide possible assistance to the draught-suffered villagers. Caxe wants to meet that person who did this extraordinary thing to her.

I googled Arun Joshi and still dont cxse as to why this man has gone into an oblivion. Is the greatest Indian English novelist all but out of print? User Account Log in Register Help. One morning Romi visits a hamlet, thirty miles away from the district headquarters. He was later recognized as a prominent post-impressionist artist in the Symbolist movement.

During their talk Billy does not reveal any repentance over his running away from Delhi. In course, he commits mistakes, learns his lessons when it is too late and conducts acts which only aggrandizes his perils, but it is all these imperfections which gives a more human touch to his character.

In this novel, the Delhian society harbors modern values, while the primitive world focuses on traditional values of an age-old society. Arun Joshi rhe very effectively written of how a man frustrated from the ‘civilized’ society seeks refuge in the ‘primitive’ life. That is why they come to life. However, plotted against the backdrop of India in the 70s, with its flawless english and vivid imagery, this book did leave a mark.


I don’t understand that. Although I felt that the end was relatively underwhelming, I would recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read the author’s work before or who hasn’t tried Indian authors from this period. As a result, his themes, which leap from the page from sheer relevance, lie buried today in a kind of ashamed but aggressive silence. The wheel of time has been rolled ten years since the strangr of Billy Biswas.

Prakash Book Depot, Real peach, pleasure and perfection can be found in the natural and primitive atmosphere rather than in the din and bustle of big cities of Delhi. Sep 21, Akshay Yardi rated it it was amazing.

‘Return to Nature’: A Study of Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas

Trivia About The Strange Case Artistically, they were dry as dust. He has left his study of Engineering for Anthropology and is already half-way through his doctoral project in that discipline. Volume 65 Issue 4 Decpp.

Billy Biswas from the modern wasteland of Delhi to the ancient Garden of Eden in Maikala Jungle, from the smothering clutch of Meena to the primeval possessiveness of Bilasia, Purush meets Prakriti serving the two ends of evolution, outlined by Sankhya, enjoyment Bhoga and liberation cawe Sansara as well as Kaivalvya Prasad The depth of philosophical pursuit of the narrator is amazing.

In addition, I was able to relate to the protagonist’s thee in rather disconcerting ways.

The strange case of Arun Joshi – The Hindu

Conclusion This book is a quick read pages. Arun Joshi is one kind of a person who understa This book describes the inner meaning of life.


Here, the novelist touches the mystic note of this region: The language is simple and the articulation is neat. He finds himself a misfit in this civilized world, and in search of bully place where he could fit in and feel at home.

Living up to Death.

Moreover, this shift in the level of life from the phony society to the tribal world is also a shift in the value-systems of both the levels of life. He returns to India and joins Delhi University as Professor in anthropology. I second this thought He only becomes more irritable and quarrelsome. Sstrange great book which really inspires you to leave society and go live in the woods. Chances are that you will identify in bits and pieces with the main character Billy Biswas who is an explorer of the life as they say it but to me, beautiful even more were the sketches of his two best friends, the narrator an IAS officer who is earnest in his pursuit of understanding Billy Biswas bisaas us and the female friend a practicing psychologist who is intriguing even for Billy himself for her knack of looking beyond the obvious.

Its an unusual story.

The strange case of Arun Joshi

The strange case of Billy Biswal had at last been bbiswas of. The anecdotal nature provided sufficient unreliability to the narrative to make things more interesting.

Centuries of foreign rule, the period of transition, economic insecurity and so on. This article is closed for comments.