November 11, 2020

Tiruppugazh, composed by saint poet Arunagirinathar, is unique because it brings before us the image of Lord Muruga in full splendour and glory and bestows. The very famed poet Arunagirinathar found his devotional calling when he was rescued by a stranger as he was attempting to give up his life. He claimed that.

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A devotee may not have the skill in music. Thiruppugazh is meant to be rendered in harmony with Raga, in rhythm to thala, with full knowledge of the meaning and with full devotion bhava.

Arunagirinathar Statue at Venjamakoodalur Temple, thiupugal Karur. Thiruppugazh is an ideal form of prayer, a beautiful set of songs, a panacea for all ills and above all a way of life.

Apart from poetic excellence, the songs show the way towards Jnana knowledge. It is an invaluable treasure; a seeker of salvation can draw inspiration from. He believed that Devi had incarnated on the Poosam Nakshatram day for the benefit of mankind, in many places, extolling the sanctity of these places, ‘She’ had a green coloured complexion, and ‘She’ was the personification of the Vedas.

Having received the blessings of Muruga and Ganapati, Arunagirinathar has set out his divine arunagirniathar. Thanks to him, Thiruppugazh classes sprung up arunagirinqthar in cities and rural areas, and Thiruppugazh Anbargal started performing in various forums including Temples, Music Sabhas and homes of devotees where they attracted large audiences.

I will begin at the beginning. He was highly proficient in Tamil and Sanskrit. This latest UI tgirupugal is quite the eye catcher and is easily navigable. Another notable feature is that the same first letter of the ending word of a stanza is arubagirinathar as the first letter of the beginning word of the new stanza.

The songs also deal with issues of morality and living a virtuous life on Earth, with many exhorting people to seek true happiness in God.

Arunagirinatha, the author of thiruppugazh | Thiruppugazh – Glory to Lord Muruga

The union which Arunagirinathar uses this to symbolise, however, is that of the soul with God, and the imagery specifically calls to mind the legend of Murugan’s wooing of Vallithe daughter of a Kurava chief. In one of his songs, he said: He was conscious of the divinity within and was unwilling to surrender to the dictates of his body. The Alexander Romance in India. To prevent Arunagiri from committing suicide, his sister said that he should sell her in order to have money, upon hearing which Arunagiri realised how selfish he had been.


Thiruppugazh is panacea for all ills. As Arunagiri did not know how to go about, the Lord commanded him to come to Vayalur. The truth is one. Among many saints who guided humanity to the path of perfection, Arunagirinathar occupies a unique position.


Account Options Sign in. You are the chosen one to sing the glory of Lord Muruga. Thiruppugazh is composed in the Chandam style which means setting the verses in metre, conforming to beats or rhythm. The eternal wisdom contained in the Vedas and Upanishads is expressed in an understandable and musical way in Thiruppugazh so that everyone could reap the rich fruits of knowledge available from it.

It was sometime in 15th century and the God she prayed was Lord Arunachala.

Arunagirinathar – Wikipedia

Share your favorite songs with your friends and relatives and enjoy this new App. As I get wrunagirinathar delightful vision, your Lotus feet adorned by the ornaments of Arunnagirinathar and Thandai, your ankles adorned by Silambu and your twelve shoulders adorned by arunagiribathar Kadappa garlands, what can the planetary or other influence do to me? Having selected songs and setting them to music with different “Raga and tala,” Thiruppugazh Anbargal has thiruupgal a formal method of conducting the recital Isai Vazhipadu.

The son, named after the mountain of Tiruvannamalai, as Arunagiri, rose as high as the mountain in his vision and devotion. What a grace that you made me a messenger to highlight the glory of Thiruppugazh to all corners of the world. Arunagiri was born during the 15th century in Thiruvannamalaia town in Tamil Nadu.


It is believed that the Lord has come to his vision again and set out the task before him. Thus we find that basically, Arunagirinthar was an Adwaitin. Several musicians including G N Balasubramaniam, Alathur Brothers and M M Dandapani Deshikar used to render many of these prominently in their concerts and soon there was not a single arunagirinathra who had not learnt at least a few of these. This page was last edited on 15 Augustat His songs show the way to a life of virtue and righteousness and set the tone for a new form of worship, the musical worship.

He wrote a song about this shrine’s Lord Muruga “kaviri seerumon seeraru soozh kadambooril” – means Muruga is blessing us from the place where the tributary of the river Cauvery is the Vadavaaru. Some of his songs are addressed to the Lord with a prayer to provide solace and salvation, while some others are addressed to fellow beings to come out of their world of illusion and seek the way to real and lasting happiness.

While the hymn ” Nal En Seiyum ” is a safeguard from adverse planetary influence, the song ” Iravamal Piravamal ” helps to get the blessings of guru or teacher. Thiruppugazh is a book of treasure from which a Karma Yogi also can draw lessons on Dharmic life.

In Kandhar Anuboothi, which srunagirinathar a subjective narration, the author spells out his own divine experience of how the Lord extended His helping hand. His songs not only sparks the flame of devotion in the minds of people but also the light of knowledge in the intellect.

Driven by an arunagirjnathar for carnal pleasures, he led a life of sin. The App lets you share the songs on Social Medias to your preference.