November 23, 2021

Alexander Arutunian: Trumpet Concerto. Context. Born in Yerevan, Alexander Arutunian () was soon recognised as an. Acclaimed Norwegian trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth makes her Singapore debut with one of the best-loved of 20th century trumpet showpieces, Arutiunian’s.

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Season Overview

The premiere took place in Yerevan in The work lasts for around 16 minutes and it is one single movement, which can be dissected into seven different sub-sections without a break. Other works of that kind include The tale of Armenian peopleOde to Lenin and Hymn to the brotherhood Views Read Edit View history. After the war he moved to Moscowwhere between and he participated in the workshops of House of Armenian Culture, studied composition with Genrikh Litinsky.

Views Read Edit View history.

Trumpet Concerto (Arutiunian)

The soloist interjects at points with a fanfare-like motif. Your email address will not be published. For the first time the soloist is muted, and the energy of the piece has left momentarily and we are left with a rather melancholy melodic passage.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The use of triplets and semiquaver runs creates an interesting play with the tonic key of Ab major and the quaver motif. With some works being fairly popular in the Soviet-Armenian sphere, Arutunian was more often than not overshadowed by fellow composer, Aram Khachaturian. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use arutjuunjan Privacy Policy.

After graduation he returned to Yerevan to teach at the local Conservatory and in he was appointed artistic director of the Armenian State Philharmony. Image Source Recommended Recordings: Arutiunian originally intended to write it in for a student trompetenkonert Tabakov, Zsolak Vartasarian, who was the principal trumpet in the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra.


Born in Yerevan, Alexander Arutunian was soon recognised as an accomplished pianist and composer, and subsequently, he studied at the Conservatory of Yerevan. This is then taken and used for the rest of this section. He was the trom;etenkonzert to record this concerto and bring it to fame both in the Soviet Union and in the USA.

The piece ends with triplet movement and then 4 strong beats played by the soloist and the orchestra. Arutiunian in in Yerevan. This new melody played by the soloist is exciting and technically demanding as there is a complex mix of single and double tonguing.

Alexander Arutiunian – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: A Tranquil Duo Joan Trimble: Musical Individualism Joan Tower: It has a very gypsyish, Russian, Armenian kind of sound, with very soulful, beautiful melodies and plenty of exciting rapid-tonguing kind of things. The soloist finishes this section with a climactic chromatic run in the upper register and then the orchestra takes over until the next section begins to emerge.

It highlights and accentuates the fundamentals of brass playing — range, stamina, technical prowess, and tone. She, from a young age, learnt to play the piano, read music and then compose her own music. Some of Arutiunian’s works for wind instruments include his concerto for trumpetthe concerto for tubaand the brass quintet Armenian Scenes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Their marriage produced two children, a daughter, Narine bornwho is a pianist and lawyer; and a son, Suren bornwho is an artist-designer.


This section is ended by the orchestra, who then lead into a faster part of the work.

At the time the concerto was written, his compositional style was similar to Khachaturian’s. The first slow section of the arutjunuan showcases the disciplined communication between the soloist and the orchestra. The Soviet trumpeter Timofei Dokschitzer was the first to record the concerto and make it famous. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

After deciding that a career as a composer was right for him, Arutunian joined the U. The soloist sings above the strings and some faster-passage work leads to a wonderful ascending sequence into the upper-range of the instrument.

Trumpet Concerto (Arutiunian) – Wikipedia

This piece is fizzing with interesting harmonies, timbres, melodies and textures which all come together to create a truly powerful trumpet concerto. Timofei Alexandrovich Dokschitzer We are now at the slowest section of the concerto, with it starting with the strings playing a syncopated pulsating theme. When Tower was nine, her family moved to Bolivia, which trompetenoknzert describes as an integral part of Read more….

It takes all the earlier themes and creates an imaginative, aarutjunjan and technically demanding coda which shows off the soloist to the max.

InArutiunian married Irina Tamara Odenova.