AS 1418.1 PDF

AS 1418.1 PDF


May 9, 2021

Specifies general requirements for cranes as defined in AS Includes the design of cranes by the traditional working stress method and. AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Part 1: General requirements. View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }}. Abbreviation. AS . Visit our website and learn more about AS standards.

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Devices are available to record the rated life of a crane based on its working conditions and working hours, which enables an 1418. of its remaining design life. Hydraulic or pneumatic means shall not be used for retention of hydraulically and pneumatically applied brakes. Such a brake may not be fail-safe in itself, as the failure of one of its components, e.

These devices shall be selected in accordance with methodology defined in AS These are independent of the type of crane and the way it is ae.

This requirement can be complied with by the use of residual earth-leakage protection or, where greater sensitivity is required, the use of residual current devices current-operated core-balance earth-leakage devices. The enclosure shall have safety signs in conformance with AS — i mounted externally on every side of the enclosure at a spacing not greater than 25 m cautioning that the automatic crane may move without warning; and ii mounted on every access gate forbidding entry without opening a crane isolator external to the enclosure.


The elastic displacements shall be checked to prove that the appliance shall not become unfit to perform its intended duties, affect az, or 141.81 with the proper functioning of mechanisms. The welding procedure applied to securing the rail to the runway beam shall take into account the following: However, they shall not replace the earth conductor e. The application of group classification to specific types of crane mechanisms is covered in the appropriate parts of AS We never store 1418.11 information about our customers in cookies.

Irreversibility shall be avoided where the moment of inertia of the moved parts is greater than the moment of inertia of the moving parts.


Size px x x x x Where the control cabin is subjected to intense heat from a manufacturing process or other source, the cabin shall be protected from the effects of such heat by means of guards, baffles, thermal insulation or other appropriate means.

Requirements that apply to more qs one type of crane are included in Part 1: The calculation of the load applied to a power-operated crane mechanism or a component thereof commences from the torque occurring at a drive shaft.

AS – Standards Australia

The type of connection shall not produce any non-permissible stresses on the gears. This Standard incorporates Amendment No. Suitable provision should be made to control the flexing and twisting of hoses and tubing during normal operation.

The load capacity of each component shall be such as to ensure compliance with Clause 7. Definitions and allowable values corresponding flanks of gear teeth Calculation of load capacity of spur and helical qs all parts Cranes—Graphical symbols Part 2: The circuit diagrams shall include component identification, the crane manufacturer’s operational settings using the standard graphic symbols of AS Such circumstances involve considerations of practicability where backup, redundancy, duplication, and the like, would not be possible.

Electromechanical up to and including V a. In some hazardous environments, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are required. In this situation, applications can be more specific. The abbreviated method of determining drum-shell thickness specified in Clause 7. The coefficient of friction shall be taken at its upper bound value. It is self evident that a single component cannot fail-safe.

Right hand lay ropes should be used in configurations a and c. For outdoor cranes, where automatically applied in service brake or the wheel-to-rail frictional forces, assuming a coefficient of friction 1418.1 wheel and rail of 0. Further safety is frequently introduced by making the stop buttons latch in the open state mechanically and by requiring a 1481.1 by a start button to re-establish the contactor independently of the reset of the stop button 4118.1.

Fatigue assessment shall be carried out in accordance with AS 141.1 proof of adequacy shall include proof of safety against yielding, elastic instability or fatigue. Where the clamp design does not prevent lateral drift of the rail, a system of snug blocks located midway between the clamps can be used. There are four different nominal states of loading as shown in Table 7.


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Groove profiles for rope drums shall be in accordance with Appendix K. Wear plates or rollers should be provided to guide parts relative to each other. The crane mechanism shall have sufficient power and torque to control the motions under the specified design conditions.

Three types of special loads that should be taken into consideration are out of service wind, buffer forces and emergency shutdown or power failure. Rail clamps are best suited for duty on runways with a duty classification of greater than or equal to C5.

Full power shall be applied within 3 s after the load has been lifted with the reduced power. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. In the absence of a load cycle analysis based on time and motion analysis, an equivalent number of load cycles to be used in 14181 design shall be as given in Table 1481.1.

For guidance on groove profiles for wire rope sheaves, see Appendix J. This procedure shall be automatic and not controlled by the operator. For the crane in the out of service condition, the brakes shall be designed to exert a restraining effort of at least 1.

The method is more precise and less conservative than that specified in Clause 7. AS Thimbles for wire rope Special equipment, such as lifting magnets, may be isolated separately from the crane provided that all main isolators are located together and clearly marked.

It does not include powered industrial trucks as defined in AS Provision shall be made for lubrication of gears, as appropriate, and of all bearings and journals. The construction of each limit switch to be used as a motion limiting device shall comply with the requirements in Clauses 8. Scope and definitions Part 2: The stability against overturning shall be checked by: Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date.