October 27, 2020

Normally undergraduate student projects will involve Aspen Plus or Aspen Properties. To start either of these packages, be sure to look for the corresponding. in 24 Hours. Integrating Aspen Plus into the Chemical Engineering Classroom . Not Recommended: Using lecture time to prepare students for the tutorial. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. Beginning with Aspen Plus , there is also an XML Results file available from Aspen.

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Make sure you choose a configuration that does NOT have a split condenser or you will run into problems later on. The more variables or points you have significantly increases the amount of time it takes to run the simulation so choose wisely. All electric motors in facility. Though, as a warning, this does not always work to benefit you, so try it pplus when your results are very close to the spec. The computers in the computer lab in Olin Hall should have Windows XP Professional, if not the latest operating system, installed and running, so we will try to base tuforial example on that assumption.

This is usually located next to the Status column.

Start every problem with a asen, a material balance and a heat balance and you will spend a lot less time trying to get yo ur process to converge. Click OK to keep the name of DS -1, or change it if you are the discerning type.

Modeling Coal Combustion

The typical ethanol reactor operates according to the reaction: You might very well achieve a better separation. Wednesday, January 16, Live Webinar: Mini Manual Series The Process Manuals Mini Series provides 11.

on general solids processing steps, such as gas and particle properties, adsorption, comminution, and classification. Therefore we saved a total of Also make sure to add any streams Pinch might not have considered. When designing a heat integration scheme, you should 111 two economic factors: Our hope is that this tutorial has been useful in your UO and Design classes, that your burdens have been lightened somewhat by having this reference. Arrows should show up on various locations where you can reconnect the stream to.


Once you are done, click the Next button. On the left-hand side of the screen, you should see the following tabs: Any product produced in that period must go to another tank s. Here is a simple scheme with a reactor, a separator, and a distillation column: Whenever you make a modification to the current system, make sure you make any pertinent changes, especially if you are adding a complex component, or if your system is no longer at a low pressure, etc.

However, since you need the feed going to both columns at psi, you will require the addition of a pump as well. If your feedstock is being delivered by pipeline then it is common to run to a tank and then into the process.

The Process Manuals Mini Series provides information on general solids processing steps, such as gas and particle properties, adsorption, comminution, and classification.

For Stream, blocks follow the same procedure but select Streams on the left and then select the Type, Stream, and Component. If you are not sure whether you have a static IP or its counterpart, a dynamic DHCP-based address, there is a way to check. Understand that although Icarus may be more exact with their calculations FACT only uses percentages of one cost to estimate anotherit is also just an estimation based on sizing. Next, you need to setup the specifications for your column in the Data Browser If you are confused on how to do this, or are unsure, see Chapter 7 for details on setting up your absorber column.


We have achieved our minimum utilities!

Aspen Technology

To refresh your memory, the number of actual distillation trays is: The sensitivity analysis is instrumental in observing how process performance changes with varied operating conditions. More segments usually translate into more precision, but make your preliminary guess.

Hopefully your results match ours below. More segments usually mean more accuracy, but usually you aslen stick to one segment per foot or two of packing. For example, large DT min will ensure a large driving force, and thus a smaller exchanger, but it will lower heat recovery.

Aspen Plus information

If you want to try varying another aspect of this column number of segments, packing type, temperature or pressure of the feed, etc go for it. While inputting your values, remember that the molar flow rate is in metric units, and not the English Unit lbmol. In the final design, it is probably a good idea to add a pressure changer to the Residual Gas Stream, which exits at 80 psig.

Under Property you should have the choice of Pure, Binary and Residue with the addition of a third component. If your distillation column consists of 7 trays, and operates between oF at the asen and oF at the bottom, you probably should take a closer look at your column.

With each type of Aspen graph, you will be presented more editing options when you right-click on the diagram. This will be your RMIN. Now, click the New button, and enter the starting segment number ie.