October 3, 2020

Assassins in Love. Kris DeLake. Sourcebooks Casablanca, $ mass market ( p) ISBN Agent: Rikki Profile: Rogue assassin who kills only to rid the world of hardened criminals. Hates organizations. Always does it her way. Love becomes a matter of . Read “Assassins in Love” by Kris DeLake with Rakuten Kobo. A fast, edgy, and passionate story.” —Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author When.

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Previously reviewed at The Good, the Bad and the Unread I started out as a Science Fiction fan, and specifically a fan of Space Opera with ambiguous, and not-always-skilled, protagonists think Blakes 7 or, more recently, Fireflyso when I saw this book described as ‘Mr.

I liked that she made it seem like a real thing, by not overexplaining tech or worlds or using comparisons to our modern day life which so many sci-fi authors do. Ainssssssssssssss cada vez que me acuerdo me pongo de mala leche She has her own reasons. Odd that a book about death avoided becoming dark. But Rikki did not plan on running into Misha.

Each of their employers are involved but the people pulling the strings are hidden till the end.

In this case, the villain is introduced, view spoiler [her personality revealed surprise–she’s a bitch hide spoiler ] and the plot is resolved in a few pages. I didn’t ih that cover picture closely enough to notice the details; krid gun he’s holding is some kind of blaster pistol.

They have a great one-night stand, then the heroine discovers that someone wants to assassinate the hero and she decides to help him stay alive. Mar 04, Alexia Chantel rated it really liked it. Jack Hunter is an assassin who w Skye Jones, aka Skylight, is a trained and highly gifted assassin who works for krsi Assassins Guild. Yeah, I liked the story, but the execution left much to be desired.

Their investigative techniques left me flat.

They are both assassins, but he is a member of the Guild, and Rikki operates alone. I felt like Rikki was pretty reasonable ktis to other kirs heroines. I really liked how similar Skye I found Skye to be refreshing, especially when she propositioned John not long after meeting him.


A universe where you can hire someone to assassin a target who the reigning government could not prosecute or who got off on a technicality in a trial, bring some very deep questions that I would of loved to hear be debated and bring more depth to Skylight, the Assassin Guild spy and Jack, the investigator for a competitive guild the Rovers. This was a loe win, for me, so it’s no wonder I liked it as well as I did.

Assassins in Love (Assassins Guild, #1) by Kris DeLake – Risingshadow

There are other examples of that same kind of thing that pepper the book here and there with just enough misandropropisms if I might coin lovee word that it made it difficult to accept that character as believable.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

We get that Rikki was conflicted about Misha and her attraction to him but we didn’t need constant clarification! The attraction between the two is instantaneous, and they have a one-night stand. He completely underestimated the effect she would have on him To find out more about Rusch and her various names, go to her website, kristinekathrynrusch. Nevertheless, I plan to continue to follow this series.

So I guess I can say that there were some great scenes in this book but overall it kinda fell flat for me. Misha was there that night, and so delzke Rikki. Jul 05, Melissa J. Jack is also an experienced intelligence gatherer, though not for the Guild. He knows who is responsible and he is determined to see her brought into the Guild – or see to it that she stops assassinating They share a steamy night of passion.

Rikki and Misha spend a LOT of time in bed with each krks for people who don’t trust each other. Due to the fact that we each have differences in opinions, there will no doubt be other readers out there that love this book. Sparks fly and suddenly you are standing on soft noodles for legs, wondering why the deck of the ship is swaying so much.


They meet and are instantly attracted to each other, have lots and lots of great assassinw, but realize that their attraction goes deeper than that.

The story is set in the iin, when space ships are the normal mode of transport. Kris Delake kriz really well at bringing everything to life and I had no problem envisioning anything. I will sabotage any possibility that anyone reading this review will take it seriously by stating i I am not in favour of assassin romances, in space or otherwise.

Set in a distant future where assassins are for hire and nothing wrong with that.

Assassins in Love

Jan 16, Christi Snow rated it really liked it. A chase and some adventure ensues. I loved how both Jack and Skye fought together to bring down a rebel ring and save a life and to keep the love that they unexpectedly found. In addition to writing as Kris DeLake in romance, Rusch also writes romance as Kristine Grayson who specializes in paranormals and Kristine Dexter who prefers romantic suspense.

I’m not saying you ladies shouldn’t get equal pay or can’t operate heavy machinery. Jul 31, Marlene rated it it was amazing. She wants nothing to do with the Assassins Guild. I also liked that Jack, while having the more traumatic childhood in some respects, is also the one who actually admits to having friends and is prepared to go out of his way to make sure they’re okay.

She would make a very good bureaucrat.

The action sequences and some of the romantic tension scenes were vivid and sharp. Misha’s mission is to get Rikki to join the guild or give up her guns.