November 1, 2020

In October 23rd at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report ” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded. document and in our past and future filings and reports. refers to change in Italian IT Market spending yoy (Assintel expectations). Assintel estimates on market performance +%. The Group reported higher revenues and margins as compared with.

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Best practices

EUWIIN has over the years observed that women tend to participate more effectively in different business networks and different business associations than men.

The company implements organisational structures to promote a better work-life balance; specific training for women; wage equality policies and social dialogue.

The agreement is unique since it also covers board positions. In the Catalyst Census: The Latvian government is actively working to stimulate and motivate companies to take gender equality in decision-making serious.

For sure, the Golfo-Mosca Law is the most important one. The gender composition of the workforce and of each management level is closely monitored. Issues regarding female leadership were the focus of the EmpoWer program. The program also assists companies in developing gender diversity programs while supporting public policies aiming at enabling women access to decision-making positions.

At the Shareholders Meeting voting slates with three or more candidates have to include candidates of both genders. The training program focuses on all the steps necessary to promote and include talented women on boards.

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

Each of the university’s six participating faculty will be translating these principles into action, and will receive mentoring by GenSET during the process.


In a model for monitoring the composition of the boards of directors of Italian and foreign subsidiaries was implemented.

Below, there are two examples of women from a large company perspective and from a SME perspective. This has led to men and women having access to different information because of where assuntel are placed in terms of information about market opportunities, information about technology, and information about all kinds of things that could help in the growth of their business.

Salone del Shanghai – BYinnovation sustainable development

None of the awarded in this first edition was Romanian. In addition it provides specific guidelines for HR processes and practices that prevent gender bias and aim at creating a level playing field for all employees Through half-yearly analyses and reporting on a number of indicators progress is being tracked.

The pact says that in the next four years these 31 companies will implement special policies in order to have more women in decision-making positions.

The Governing Council of URV approved last December the adhesion of asintel University with this network of cooperation for gender equality. Key to the GenSET philosophy is that gender equality in science improves scientific quality.

CEMEX provides employees with the option to work from home and reduced workloads for parents men and women The URV will be a member of the executive committee of the cooperation network for two years and hosted the first meeting of the steering committee in February CEMEX personnel policy is transparent: In order to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership position, the government nominated Lord Davies of Abersoch to conduct a research on how it could be possible to remove obstacles for women participation on board.


A number of companies have developed plans to address gender diversity in general. They are followed by design and Telecommunications, both with more than In accordance with the law, the company will have to propose women board candidates at next Shareholders Meeting in May The Royal Society has introduced Temporary Nominating Groups seek out and support credible candidates for nomination across a number of underrepresented areas within the Fellowship, including women.

aKite – aKite wins Assintel Award

SaloneSatellite Shanghai, which provides another opportunity for dialogue, will be back, brimming with expectation and projects from talented designers under 35, as young Chinese designers, university and design school students showcase their projects. The company specifically wants to promote more women in top management, and it is 0209 on the aspects that see women stuck at middle management level such as difficulty to get a promotion and poor visibility.

Executive search firms play a significant role as intermediaries in the elite labour market. There is no gender equality policy available on the website, nor in the Corporate Governance Report is the latest.

It has developed a strategic ICT vision with some key priorities to work on the next years focused on women and citizens. Convinced of the value of the Salone del Mobile.