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Le tour de Gaule d’Astérix is a simple roll the die and move game, in which players attempt to liberate towns as they move through Gaul. The board consists of a. Astérix – Le tour de Gaule d’Astérix – n°5 (Aventure D’asterix) (French Edition) [ Rene Goscinny, Albert Urdezo, Albert Uderzo] on *FREE* shipping . Le Tour de Gaule d’Asterix [Goscinny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Inspector General Overanxius arrives in the fortified Roman camp of Compendium on a mission from Julius Caesar to lead the local garrison against the village of indomitable Gauls. They escape by sea and commandeer a vacationing Lutetian’s rowboat. Roman soldiers come to the house but capture only Asterix, as Obelix is out hunting boar. En route to Tolosa, Asterix and Obelix stop for the night, unaware zsterix are in a Roman camp.

Next morning, they beat up the Romans, but then surrender tojr learning the centurion intended to take them to Tolosa by cart.

Asterix and the Banquet – Asterix – The official website

Goscinny — Drawings by: An unscrupulous innkeeper, Uptotrix, invites the two Gauls to his inn, where he gives them a bag of prunes and serves them drugged boar.

In the town square of Burdigala, General Motus shows the “Gaulish outlaws” to the public, only to realize he has the wrong men when Asterix and Obelix arrive to reclaim their bag.

CS1 French-language sources fr Comics infobox image less caption Graphic novel pop Articles containing French-language text. Views Read Edit View history. The Latin phrase “Exegi monumentum aere perennius” is uttered by a legionnaire during the construction of a wall page 7. Suspecting betrayal, Asterix orders Uptotrix to taste the boar, which causes him to fall unconscious, although Obelix is unaffected despite eating the rest of the boar.


Le Tour de Gaule Published by: A little dog is at the door. The idea of the story and its French title was inspired by the Tour de France bicycle race. The idea of using pebbles to find one’s way back is a reference to Hansel and Gretel or the French fairy tale Hop o’ My Thumb.

The public attacks General Motus and his men while the heroes regain their bag and buy oysters and white wine. The next morning, Asterix and Obelix pursue the thieves, who are caught by a Roman patrol and mistaken them for the Gauls.

The pair leaves the cart in Gauoe and takes the horses, one of which collapses under the combined weight of Obelix and the shopping bag. In Nicae, they buy salad and are once again spotted by a Roman patrol. Moments before the punch, Dogmatix barks for the first time, making Obelix notice him. The Gauls stop in a humbug shop to buy boiled sweets, but are spotted by a Roman patrol, which they beat up, trashing the shop in the process. Dogmatix is given a bone and the villagers enjoy their banquet.

This is the album that will seal the phenomenal fate of Asterix. Undeterred, Overanxius erects a stockade around the village to prevent the inhabitants from spreading their rebellious ideas through Gaul.

Le tour de Gaule d’Asterix

Character profiles of the album Tapidesourix T The two break through the stockade, while the other villagers create a diversion by attacking the barricade on another front. Unfazed by the damage, the shopkeeper says Gauls are aware of the bet and then demonstrates his solidarity by knocking out the patrol leader. Both go into a shop with the galue En route to Nicae, Asterix and Obelix become stuck in holiday traffic bound for the Gaulish Riviera and stop at an inn for lunch.


On Goodreadsthe book has a score of 4. Eventually, Asterix and Obelix reach the stockade outside their village and, after beating up the Romans yet re, give them a message to tell Overanxius they have won their guale of the bet.

The characters tor caricatures of the actors in the film, including Raimu. They flee and escape via a wealthy Roman couple’s yacht down the Seinewhile the patrol is stymied by the unhelpfully vague responses of local residents.

Le Tour De Gaule d’Asterix

On arrival in Gesocribatum, Seniorservix smuggles the Gauls ashore in sacks. Centurion Lotuseatus warns him the Gauls are dangerous, but the attack goes ahead, only to be soundly repelled.

The Romans announce a 50, sestertii reward for information leading to the arrest of Asterix and Obelix. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. Before leaving Burdigala, Asteeix and Obelix spy a ship offloading menhirs and meet Captain Seniorservix, who is honored to let them aboard as Obelix helps unload the menhirs before the ship’s departure.

At sea, the ship runs into the recurring pirates, whose own ship is sunk by the Gauls. Leaving Rheims, the pair detours into a forest, where tou scent of roast boar leads them to the house of Unpatriotix, who feeds and then betrays them. As they leave, the Gauls commandeer a Roman postal cart. Strangely, the last line, which seems innocent enough, is underlined.