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Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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Since the calculationFormula provides information how the values can be computed it utilizes the references to address foreign elements to gather the needed information. In this generation step, the abstract parameters of the ECU Configuration Description are translated to hardware and implementation-specific data structures that fit to the implementation of the corresponding software module.

Link Type String This is shown in the example 3. For these definitions there is no corresponding entry in the ECUC description.

The SW may either receive parameters of its configuration during the download of the complete ECU software resulting from the linkage of the code, or it may receive its configuration file that can be downloaded to the ECU separately, avoiding a re-compilation and re-build of the ECU SW modules.

Link Type implementation Configuration Config If the configuration description would be provided without an according configuration definition an editor could not reconstruct what kind of ContainerDef a Container is based upon.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Such configuration parameters are called Derived Configuration Parameters. Sequential Application of tools Figure 2. The SignalPosition has attributes itself and also references to other elements in the System Description Template. It provides a low initial tooling and training investment.

  6ES5 318-8MA12 PDF

Specification of ECU Configuration

That means the ecj code of the SW module receives parts of its configuration from another object code file or it is defined by linker options. Since currently only informal description are supported also a combination of natural language with such references is possible to express more complex relationships. Link time configuration chain [ecuc sws ] This type of configuration is done for the SW module during link time.

The BSW5 code needs to follow the structures defined by the proprietary tool to access those data structures. Confguration string parameter definition might provide a defaultValue with the definition.

In general, the structure of the ECU Configuration Description metamodel follows the same approach the parameter definition is based upon. Link time parameters are typically used when delivering object code to the integrator. For each BSW module, a generator reads the relevant parameters from the ECU Configuration Description and creates code that implements the specified configuration, as shown on the right hand side connfiguration figures 2.

This is best illustrated using some examples: Link Type Description 1 reference Exactly one reference to an parameter container is allowed as destination.

Those errors need to be defined in the Dem module.

Link Type Integer The following rules apply during generation of the base ECU configuration for a module: How the ECU Configuration Description handles these definition types is described in the appropriate sections below. Dependencies are depicted by dashed lines with arrow heads, pointing from the dependent element to the element it depends on.


The output file format. And sixth, a container can be referenced to achieve a symbolic name semantics. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

It would only be able to resolve the relatively simple dependencies explicitly defined in the Configuration Parameter Definitions.

Each vendor of a BSW module would need to provide a tool. Since this information is only available when the BSW Module has actually been implemented this information is mandatory in the Vendor Specific Configuration Parameter Definition.

Both module source file and module configuration source file compiled separately and generates module object file and module configuration object file respectively.

Base Class es Attribute Datatype Mul. DerivedParamType ts sws ] For each Derived Configuration Parameter it can be specified how the parameter will be computed. Common to the different tool ecuu is that each configuration editor must be capable of reading a possibly incomplete ECU Configuration Description and writing back its modified configuration results in the same format.

Second, a choice in the referenced configuration container can be specified and the ECU Configuration Description has the freedom with restrictions to choose to which target type the reference is pointing to.