October 17, 2020

Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Romantic suspense author Dreyer Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book . Barely a Lady (The Drake’s Rakes series Book 1) by [Dreyer, Eileen. Barely a Lady. Eileen Dreyer. Buy This Book. Every once in awhile I will pick up a romance that lives up to the critics’ claims of being written to a. Barely a Lady (Drake’s Rakes, book 1) by Eileen Dreyer – book cover, description , publication history.

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However, I also believe that for the romantic aspect of a novel to be enthralling, it has to be somewhat believable. To aid Jack’s recovery, Olivia must bury her own anguish and anger over their divorce and pretend to still barepy his loving, passionate wife. I also thought how Lady Kate made such eilden friends with Olivia at a ball where Olivia was a governess and hanging with the servants to be completely unrealistic. Of course she gets mad, but before they can even fight about it properly, the house is going up in flames.

Talk about an emotional train wreck.

Barely a Lady (Drake’s Rakes, book 1) by Eileen Dreyer

View all 5 comments. If there is atonement and forgiveness, when trust is violated love can prevail. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. I do think I’ll read the other books in the series because I really liked the author’s style, even though I had problems with the story itself. Jack and Olivia live on the same estate in the epilogue, but don’t get remarried for awhile, but it’s not said how she’s getting along in a society that hated her.

Mix with heroine she should be beautiful but dreeyr, come from a family with good name, be pure as freshly fallen snow, feisty with a scandal in her past that was not her fault or is faux and allow hero to walk all over her. Since extending her reach to suspense, she has also garnered a coveted Anthony Award nomination. Jack failed Olivia all around, and like something the Duchess Kate said, failed on the first hurdle.


Olivia Grace is the betrayed, disgraced ex-wife of Jack Wyndham, the earl of Gracechurch. Oh hell no he didn’t.

Barely a Lady

Who killed her cousin in a duel, and then initiated a spectacle of a divorce, telling the world she was a whore, all without ever giving her a chance to tell her side. In the end, can they risk varely to help Jack recover his lost memories, even though the truth may destroy them both?

Eileen Dreyer is an award-winning author who has been writing for years. You want to abrely it at Jack and blister him to dust, but you also understand Olivia’s motivation through out and I couldn’t help but understand her conflicted emotions where this man was concerned.

If you love this plotline and feel you simply must add to your collection, go for it.

Brilliantly written, I am now a forever fan of Dreyer. This is not a book of how much pain and ladj one can cause and be summarily forgiven for.

A duchess wouldn’t think ‘Hey, let’s hang with the old biddies and governesses for some juicy gossip,’ no matter how scandalous she is.

These two are hot for each other but I never saw anything that showed me there was much more to their relationship. A Llady for Maggie under her pseudonym Kathleen Korbel was one of the most touching and profound category novels I have ever had the pleasure to read. The h should not have forgiven him that! It is a rare author who can write engagingly about betrayal, separation or infidelity but to tell a wonderful story with all these very challenging themes is a tremendous accomplishment.

I was bored for the first pages.

Why do I have to wait for August for it?? It was not an irredeemable character flaw, but rather, a lack of maturity and therefore, forgivable with the right blend of atonement.

Jun 14, Jacqueline marked it as did-not-finish Shelves: Lady Kate, Grace, and Lady Bea are each a force to be reckoned with, together they can accomplish anything. He was a spy. In the end, can they risk everything to help Jack recover his lost memories, even though the truth may destroy them both?


Barely a Lady — All About Romance

To go through so lacy and still want the person who tore her soul out was difficult for me to understand still is but her character was so well written that I just went with it. The teaser chapter totally sucked me in, much faster ieleen Barely a Lady did and that was pretty damn quick!

Jack’s naivete didn’t say much for his character – I kept thinking He’s taking a much needed bath, she’s helping him wash in the most euphemistically way, he’s kissing her, then pauses in the ddeyer of kissing her to say he doesn’t know how he thought he could be happy with Mimi!!!!!

Earl Drake has a group of men, spies, he calls Drake’s Rakes, but again, nothing is really said about it, even though it’s the name of the series. For not only is he unconscious, he is clad in an enemy uniform.

I would have been happy with either the villain or the hero getting dispatched, but no. His cousin Gervaise told lies causing Jack and others to think Olivia had a gambling problem and had laxy with other men while married to Jack. After a while, I had to skim the darn thing in order to avoid permanently throwing it down and make it to its end.

It does take time for her to believe his ‘newly re-found’ devotion, and if elleen will last. At the end of the book, someone else explains what was going on. There was a lot going on, and it was a bit like ,ady mystery unraveling. But what really knocked this book down in my opinion was how easy Olivia finds it to forgive Jack.