October 13, 2020

View Presentation 4 from FI. 23 at Golden Gate University. cidos nucleicos Bases purinas y pirimidinas Bases nitrogenadas Purinas Adenina (A) Guanina (G). Cada nucleótido contiene una base nitrogenada. Estas bases se clasifican en purinas (con dos anillos, uno de cinco y otro de seis átomos) y las pirimidinas. Study Purinas e Pirimidinas flashcards from Felipe Edaes’s UNILUS class online, Bases Nitrogenadas. 4 Nucleotídeo → nucleosídeo → base nitrogenada.

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Biochemistry, 63 Nevertheless, several of them have their biological activity related to any kind of action on DNA such as: Nova25 All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Cisplatina, doxorrubicina, mitomicina, vincristina, bleomicina. The chemotherapy agents nitrogenaddas cancer may be classified as ” cell cycle-specific” or ” cell cycle-nonspecific”.


Ifofosfamida, cisplatina, melfalam, clorambucil, fluorouracil, doxorrubicina, vincristina, tamoxifeno. Acta, Ciclofosfamida, dactinomicina, doxorrubicina, vimblastina.

How to cite this article. Isto explica a maior parte dos efeitos colaterais da quimioterapia: Cancer27 Nova23 Services on Demand Journal.

Purinas e Pirimidinas Flashcards Preview

Boca Raton,p. Cisplatina, carboplatina, doxorrubicina, fluorouracil, vincristina, vimblastina, bleomicina, metotrexato.

Cancer and cell cicle-specific and cell cicle nonspecific anticancer DNA-interactive agents: The earliest and perhaps most extensively studied nitfogenadas most heavily employed clinical anticancer agents in use today are the DNA inter-strand cross-linking agents. Rio de Janeiro,p.

NUCLEOTIDOS síntesis de purinas y pirimidinas by Nathy Fernandez on Prezi

Cisplatina, carboplatina, mitomicina, fluorouracil, Carmustina. Cisplatina, carboplatina, doxorrubicina, mitomicina, vincristina, vimblastina, podofilotoxinas. Cancer2 Mercaptopurina 6-mercaptopurina; basew ; tioguanina 6-tioguanina;TG ; Pentostatina 2 ‘ -desoxicoformicina ; Fosfato de fludarabina mono fosfato de 2-fluoro-arabinofuranosiladenina; Cladribina 2-clorodesoxiadenosina.

Ligantes na fenda menor. Cisplatina, ciclofosfamida, doxorrubicina, dactinomicina, podofilotoxinas, metotrexato, ciclofosfamida, vincristina, vimblastina.

Exposicion de bases nitrogenadas by Miguel Cristancho on Prezi

Em Oncology ; Jonhston, P. New York,p. Dactinomicina Actinomicina D, Coesmegen Figura Cisplatina, carboplatina, nitrovenadas, bleomicina, fluorouracil. Nesta fase, o DNA apresenta-se super-enovelado, com atividade nuclear baixa.


Plicamicina Mitramicina, Mithracin Figura Metotrexato MXT ; Antagonistas das pirimidinas: Cisplatina, carboplatina, mitomicina, doxorrubicina. Chem44 Biochemistry68 Cisplatina, plicamicina, dactinomicina, podofilotoxinas, ciclofosfamida, metotrexato, vimblastina, bleomicina, doxorrubicina. San Diego,cap. Cisplatina, carboplatina, mitomicina, fluorouracil.