February 12, 2021

In the caged depths of an urban reservoir lives a monstrous creature. Its existence is unknown to anyone except the teenage boy who feeds it. Six years ago it. Beast. Ally Kennen, Author Push $ (p) ISBN The book’s central conflict revolves around the title beast, a crocodile given to. BEAST. by Ally Kennen. Age Range: 14 & up. BUY NOW FROM Captive in an iron cage near the local reservoir’s shore, the beast survives.

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This page was last edited on 13 Augustat But none of these problems compare to the problem of The Beast. He cannot think of any way to rid himself of the Beast except to kill it, an option that hurts the part of him that has developed paternal feelings toward the creature he has raised since infancy.

Branford Boase Shortlist Stephen, the main character, starts the book with a list of the worst th I wish I’d read this book a while ago.

It looks really cool and it feels even better – like reptile skin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

CD Audiobook 0 editions. But this story really got me! The Beast is Stephen’s biggest secret — and also his biggest challenge. What first caught my eye was the book cover. Stephen is a boy with many secrets, and the Beast is the biggest.


Ally lives in Somerset with her husband, small daughter, smaller son and baby four chickens and a curmudgeonly besat. Genuinely frightening, and I loved the main character.

Stephen has been living in foster homes for years. Written by Ally Kennen. The characters feel real and the events seem plausible, despite the outlandish idea of a crocodile thriving in a cage in a reservoir in chilly England. Sep 01, Jeremy. BEAST contains the stuff of nightmares and is sure to entertain even beazt most reluctant reader.

Berserk (novel) – Wikipedia

ThePageturners Mar 6, Beast is a bizarre read. His foster family are scare of him – he’s not a boy who plays by the rules. Beast Written by Ally Kennen. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

If you loved this, you might like these But the Beast is growing both in size and in appetite, and Stephen fears that the cage may not be able to hold kenjen for much longer. The over all plot was underwhelming.

Kenen mean, it’s cool and the whole warm cave system thing was super interesting. Stephen is a year-old foster child living on the edge of the law.

No woman has ever beaten Ally in an arm wrestle.


What can he do? The only thing separating them is a rusty cage. It just wasn’t gripping enough to convince me to read it, so I kept on putting in off. Lenny wants to pay an old bill. The story was told through Stephen’s point of view and Ally Kennen managed kennsn well to give him the voice a 17 year old outcast kid would have. Felt so much for Stephen.


Become a LibraryThing Author. I’m going crazy with worry someone will discover him. Scholastic Children’s Books, Read an Extract Compare Prices. He’s now in foster care because his mom is crazy and aally dad is an ex-con.

Furthermore, he has a 12 foot beast of a problem that he knows he will not be able to take care of when he is forced to leave his current foster home. I thought that the beast by Ally Kennen was weriod and intresting at the same allly. All these elements brew together to create a somewhat gruesome but still compelling metaphorical aly, sort of like a train wreck you can’t look away from.

He’s not a conventional “good” character, but there’s something about him that’s good. More Books By Ally Kennen.