October 8, 2020

ECM # Ultra-linear condenser microphone for measurement and recording application Perfect for use with the BEHRINGER. ULTRACURVE or any other. Microphone Frequency Response Measurement Report. Microphone Manufacturer: Behringer. Model Number: ECM Serial Number: D/CSL. Behringer ECM omnidirectional measurement microphone.

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The one drawback with this mic is its begringer Compare it with most any quality condenser and you’ll see what I mean. You May Also Like.

Behringer ECM8000 Measurement Condenser Microphone

They’re perfect for the home studio where the environment is not perfect. Very clear, no color. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Fast Shipping, Exact as ordered, great!! Still, pretty good value for money overall, but without the calibration document it’s pretty much useless for professional work, although for home users it may be adequate, just to give an idea of the room acoustics.

WILL be picked up. See any errors on this page? Nice plastic box with foam insert. Several recent behrjnger articles regarding this type of omni condenser mic pushed me to try the ECMs and they have not behringee. The ECM Ultra-Linear Measurement Condenser Microphone from Behringer is an omnidirectional mic designed for use with real-time analyzers sold separately to provide an acoustic picture of a room.

I’ve used this mic for everything from up close super quiet nylon string guitar to back of the house room ambience for drum recordings and concerts and it excels at everything I’ve thrown at it.


Based on a small electret condenser capsule, the ECM omnidirectional mic is billed as a measurement mic due to the flat frequency response of the capsule.

I don’t know how Behringer does it. It’s an OMNI – anything making nouse in the room air, fans, etc Something as critical as measuring room acoustics for PA alignment can only be done with precision measuring instruments.

Incredible for Acoustic Instruments. The lack of proximity effect is particularly handy. Rated 5 out of 5 by Alberto Cotrina from Flat response Accurate, linear response, inexpensive. I bet it will stay that way as delicately as I will handle it.

I just aim near what I want to record acoustic guitar, voice, etc and press the record button. Please let us know! I highly recommend these microphones to anybody who wants an inexpensive, extremely high quality mic! I bought two of these after I saw them used to mic drums and to record a concert.

I recommend to have it calibrated for any more serious work. I highly recommend these mics and they can also be used to evaluate your speakers and room when used with the appropriate measurement software as they have a pretty much ruler flat response curve. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Used for high end pro car audio. Join the AMS family and get your free catalog now! I am a lifelong musician and I have a lot of recording gear and mics.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer Phone: No model number or serial number designation has been made to identify this design change.


Customer Service customerservice americanmusical. Raxxess Microphone Pop Filter. Rated 5 beehringer of 5 by R.

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No pad switches, etc. The Behringer ECM is also known as: I could find this Mic nowhere else for such a low price and still be able to get in super fast in a box packed like it should be able to survive a 10, foot drop. Gold-plated XLR Phantom power: The early days were a time where catalogs didn’t have much of a presence in the industry, but what began as a college dorm room operation grew rapidly.

This noisyness seems to be typical of this type of mic, even the more expensive ones, Earthworks, etc. Thus, the self noise of the ECM sounds like a mixture of pink and white noise. Guitars and sounded better than much more expensive cardiod mics I have – good signal and very little self-noise.

Those who say otherwise are hearing the room noise, NOT the mic. Bizrate Circle of Beyringer. Reports around the web indicate that Behringer has released two versions of this mic, one with a transformer and balanced output and the other with an integrated circuit-based, transformerless output.

Great Mic, Accurate Readings, and Rock solid construstion.