October 5, 2020

This manual contains information relative to the physical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics of the Bendix/ King KY 96A and KY 97A VHF Communication. Find great deals for Aircraft Transceiver Bendix King KY 97a TSO. Shop with confidence on eBay!. MM dwd. RH REVISION HISTORY. MAINTENANCE MANUAL. BENDIX/KING. KY 96A, KY 97A. VHF Communication Transceiver.

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Our website requires cookies to provide all of its features. The KY 97A also incorporates an audio amplifier with three audio inputs, eliminating the need for a seperate audio panel in some cases. OCT, lt12 Tr im coax outer i ns ulation a!! The terminal cannot be inserted up-side-down.

Images are for reference only, actual product appearance may vary. Products New products Products on Sale. The display, as well as the lighted push buttons, are connected to the aircraft panel lighting bus and brighten or dim to provide maximum clarity in either darkened or daylight conditions.

The antenna should be kept clean. Contact Terminal Assembly Using Pliers 1. Hi, Guys I have a Bendix KY97a in by Bell, the squelch threshold is set way, way to high, have to pull out the squelch knob when we need to copy even half strength stations, does anybody know if it is possible to adjust this?


Its just been through the “radio annual” so they maybe don’t check this. Looking down, the blade can be seen sliding into the stop. Avoid mounting clo s e to any high external heat source, if this is done then no blower or ram air cooling will be required. Product Tags Add Your Tags: In addition the KY 97A transceiver displays transmit and receive annuciations, to verify your active COMM and alert you if any audio settings may be incorrect.

Of special interest to helicopter operators is the available provisioning for remote ‘flip flop’ switching. Looking at the bottom of unit, make sure the front lobe of the holddown device i s in a vertical position. During normal transponder operation, a flashing l amp is an indication o f a t ransmitted reply.

Bendix-King KY-97A (14v)

Continue turning wrench clockwise until tight. D Insert cabl e and parts into connector body. Very affordable TSO’d radios with the reliability and features you’d expect from Silver Crown avionics.

An int errogation will normally b e at 10 – 15 seconds intervals. D IJ Push braid forward and flatten a g ainst connector cap and solder.

Aircraft Transceiver Bendix King KY 97a TSO

Shown by arrows Slide connector cap, with clearanee hole in positi on to c l ear dielectric, on to connector unti. Contact Insertion kinng Molex Connector Housing 1.


With the ease and speed of a push button you can switch between active and standby frequencies. The antenna should be well removed from any projections, the engine s and propeller s.

Bendix/King – KY97A – Communications Transceiver (14V)

After pressing the ident button the transponder, when interrogated, will reply with a special pulse that will cause the associate d pip on the controllers display to “bloom” effecting immediate recognition. Any time t hat the function switch i s in the “ON” or 11 ALT” position the t ransponder becomes an active pa rt of t he beacon system.

Secure the mounting tray KPN – to instrument panel oer Figure 2 Close adherence to these suggestions will assure more satisfactory bendi from your equipment. To accept cookies from our website, please click the Allow button below.

After being turned on there is a 30 second delay before t he unit b ecomes functional. When making the antenna installation guidelines should be taken from an investigation of proven s atisfactory transponder and DME antenna installations. Do not cross strands.