July 18, 2021

Harvard case analysis on Benihana. Case Study Analysis Benihana of Tokyo Binus Business School, MM Executive Batch 20 Presented by. Presentation about operational activites of Benihana’s restaurant. Benihana Simulation. RC. Renzo Castro. Updated 27 February Transcript. Highest profit achieved when pre-peak and peak is seated in batch of 8, and.

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Operations Management Simulation

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Boost Demand with Advertising and Special Programs: The company had some missteps including the opening of the upscale Big Splash restaurant and a frozen food division Benihana National Classics.

According to Bill Susha Vice President the company could limit to opening only 5 units a year because benihanx was as fast as the two crews of Japanese carpenter could work. However, the Delaware Court of Chancery upheld the decision. Log In Sign Up.

InAoki terminated the relationship and settled a U. In each of the four sim challenges, learners focus on a particular aspect of the restaurant operation:.

Operations Management Simulation: Benihana – Simulation Ready-to-Run | Forio

Pull Production Manage production of inventory in the context of a multi-stage computer manufacturing supply chain that feeds a retailer.

With the idea of going public someday the company had moved into joint-ventures in Mexico and overseas for the meantime. Stein was the original developer of Six Flags Great Adventure as well as operated various New York restaurants including Tavern on the Green as a partner to run the company.


These learning helped Rocky to open up his first unit of Figure 2: In each challenge, the goal is to manage the bar and dining area to maximize utilization, throughput, and — most importantly — profit for the evening. Archived from the original on I am interested in Although Benihana owns these concepts, they are independently operated and were developed autonomously.

He also learned that the American enjoyed watching their food being prepared. There were other issues which had to be addressed for example importing every item from Japan used in construction of a unit and using Japanese carpenters. In each of the four sim challenges, learners bejihana on a particular aspect of the restaurant operation: The major problem that Rocky addressed “Rocky” Aoki from the analysis was the shortage of skilled labor which he eliminated with the Hibachi table arrangement, which required only the chef as a skilled person.

InBenihana Inc.

Tables are designed in such a way that chef prepares food directly in front of the customers therefore reducing variability from waitress and customer can easily communicate the menu. This simulation is by W. It also acquired the Samurai and Kyoto restaurants which it has incorporated into its other brands.

The United States, overseas and Japan. It is organized as a series of challenges, each with a different set of options for managing operations and demand.

Benihana of Tokyo

The instant success of the first unit helped Rocky to open six franchises within the next seven years soon after which he realized that the franchise owners were investors and had no restaurant experience which made it even more difficult for them to relate to a native Japanese staff.


Apart from this each restaurant had a simply management structure which allowed all the managers to report to the operation manager, Allen Saito who in turn reported to Bill Susha Vice President which made it easier for the top management to control the company. Beverages cost lower than the industry: The future plans also include targeting younger generations and introducing a combination of Chinese and Japanese operations and expand the Benihana experience in various other domains such as Renoir exhibitions and model agencies etc.

Eventually, the entire board approved resolutions ratifying a stock purchase agreement with the buyer and authorizing the stock issuance. He did a systematic analysis of US restaurant market and discovered that although American enjoyed eating in exotic surrounding but were deeply mistrustful towards exotic foods.

Benihana – Wikipedia

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article needs additional citations for verification. Stockinger became chief executive to replace Joel A.

Securities and Exchange Commission complaint of insider trading of Hardwicke stock. Considering all these advantages and disadvantages into account the company had three principal areas for growth: