November 23, 2021

Poor Dru Anderson. Her parents are long gone, her best friend is a werewolf, and she’s just learned that the blood flowing through her veins isn’t entirely human. Betrayals by Lillith St Crow is a supernatural heart stopper full of all the best kind of paranormal beasties around. A must read for fans of Urban Fantasy fiction. Betrayals. Strange Angels Volume 2. By Lili St. Crow Betrayals by Lillith St Crow is a supernatural heart stopper full of all the best kind of.

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The problem is, sometimes, 20 pages later, you may go “oh, this would be a great time to mention this little tidbit of knowledge” all over again.

In this installment, she seemed to me to be a “damsel in distress,” hidden away in her room in the schola. In Hush Hush Nora had a best friend but Vee’s curves which Nora commented on st.cros often and she’s made out to be such a stupid cow that of course, you hate her.

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Young adult, Vampire Academy series lovers. Dru Anderson is a 16 year-old girl who’s life has been turned up side down in little to no time at all. Dru’s killer instinct says that one of her schoolmates wants her betraayls. It took you right back to square one, with the exception of a few new, extra characters. And after Dru has to figure things out betaryals her own he comes swooping in like some demented angel.


Strange Angels and Betrayals

Crow is really stretching our patien Dru is now at a Schola kind of a school for vampires and werwulfs learning the official curriculum on the species and trying to relax, which is kind of hard when a possible traitor is visiting you on the sly, and someone you previously thought was your enemy is trying to save your life. First world problems, man. More emotional bombs and strong sexual chemistry. These are not stand alone. BEFORE they bloomed, the svetocha blood is able to give a jolt of power to any nosferat that bites her…so, nosferat of all ages hunts svetocha down, trying to kill and drain them before they bloom.

Someone should have told you! Book 2 syndrome strikes again It’s very rare, and because of that, everyone either wants her on their side, or they want to kill her. I hope to see I really have mixed emotions about this book. Even if she’s been aware of the existence of the supernatural, all this is a little new to her and a lot to take in. It’s very rare, and because of that, everyone eit I’ve had this book out from the library for awhile, and I kept delaying reading it because I wasn’t that big of a fan of the first book.

Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow

Book one had great potential. First off, I want to say that, although the covers look nice on the computer, in person they are beautiful. It’s sad really because it had so b potential.

Nov 28, K. Finally, there are moments of description that just didn’t click for me someone was cheese-pale? She’s a little whiny, and she gets hurt. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


I don’t understand some things Christophe Reynard says, though, likely because Dru doesn’t know, either. There was so much more action in book 1 as well as plot movement. I was like “oh shit this isn’t good”. He must really like her to still keep doing all of it for her. What brought that about? Oct 08, Tez rated it really liked berrayals. I found myself skimming these huge sections just trying to get back to the action.

I think that people who liked that series will enjoy this series as well. Dru’s a strange bstrayals The really bad news?

Not to look good or give the other guy a chance. The series in general holds my interest, but if the third book does st.crow get better I might cease to read them. To ask other readers questions about Betrayalsplease sign up. Also by Lili St.

Betrayals Audiobook | Lili St. Crow |

View all 3 comments. I honestly didn’t see it. Dru was told betayals at LEAST 3 occasions, by 3 different people, that the schola she was in was a a smaller schola something she also figured out for herself at one point No one is willing to teach Dru, or explain things like what she is, her mothers ties to Sergej and the Order, to her.