May 23, 2022

The paper deals with three-term recurrence relations for Boubaker and related polynomials, as well as some properties including zero. The Boubaker Polynomials Expansion Scheme for. Solving Applied-physics Nonlinear high-order Differential Equations. 1. Ugur Yücel and. 2. Karem Boubaker. Received August 14, Abstract—Some new properties of the Boubaker polynomials expansion scheme are presented in this paper. It is shown in particular.

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The main advantage of this class is to have a characteristic boubakeg differential equation and a developable explicit form. Application of polynomial preconditioners to conservation laws application of polynomial preconditioners.

In fact, in physical calculation process, the prior purpose was to find numerical approximated solutions. It shows a received date of March 14,but was not published until June, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The title of the paper is present on Research Gate, with more details, but the actual paper hosted there is the Applied Science paper, not the original one. Karem Boubaker Polynomials and operator orderings. Research projects Wiki Studies. Once defined, registered and published, the Boubaker polynomials, as practical functional classes, were not considered and dealt with as an abstract mathematical object.


Retrieved from ” https: Learn more about original research at Wikiversity. This is what is shown as to the original:. Abstract In this study an attempt presented to establish a characteristic linear differential equation and an explicit form to the modified Boubaker polynomials The original Boubaker polynomials were established earlier as an effective tool for solving heat bi-varied equation in a particular case of one-dimensional heat transfer model. This is the original abstract from the publisher: This page was last edited on 19 Julyat The acceptance date is not given.

The boubaker polynomials a new function class for solving bi varied second order differential equations.

Boubaker Polynomials – Wikiversity

Implications of this research may be covered in analysis to be added to our subpage: Thanks to relations given by Eq. This comment was appended here: On Modified Boubaker Polynomials: The graphics of first modified Boubaker polynomials are presented in Fig.

At this stage, several expert colleagues advised us to propose a new form of the Boubaker polynomials, which fits better Eq. This was simply not made clear. There are, instead, references:. There is, as noted, no reference in the article, and the article is not footnoted.


Boubaker Polynomials

Trends in Applied Sciences Research Volume 2 6: Boubaker polynomials are also defined in general mode through the recurrence relation:. The Modified Boubaker Polynomials Definition The Boubaker polynomials were tested polynmoials submitted to several studies from to The second reference was accepted inand since date may have been considered important, the acceptance date was given, or even possibly the submission date. Trends in Applied Polynomails Research, 2: Nevertheless they seemed not to be solution to any regular differential equation of the kind:.

In this context, we can cite among others: The Modified Boubaker Polynomials Properties The Modified Boubaker Polynomials Characteristic Differential Equation Oppositely to the early defined Boubaker polynomials, the modified Boubaker polynomials are solution to a second polynomails characteristic equation:.

The importance of this heat equation in applied mathematics is uncontroversial, as is illustrated in the next section. However, the history of Wikipedia treatment of this topic and users involved with this topic may be studied and discussed on our subpage: This is a direct quote from: