September 29, 2020

La piscine de Bonnevoie comprend un grand bassin de natation à profondeur ajustable (entre 1,80m et 3,80m), un petit bassin à profondeur ajustable (entre 0 . Brevet Natation 50m Pdf Download >>> draconomicon portugues pdf download el cocodrilo felisberto hernandez pdf download. Longueur 50 m mais avec des configurations intermédiaires possibles 2*25 m ou 37,5 m 12,5 m suivant les Brevet de natation 7 euros (plus entrée piscine).

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These one-time lessons are available throughout the year and therefore also during all school holidays. By medical precautionsyou should not consider the baby swimming lessons if: Learning to crawl on 15m. Improve endurance based on technique. Recovering the dummy, towing, rescue jump If you already are a customer, you will find the level of re-registration of your children in brevwt customer account.

Do you dread the deep waters? Swim 25m back crawled with equipment support.

Be sure to evaluate your children correctly using the chart below before registering them in a mini-collective lesson! It is always advisable to plan to wear sandals to avoid slipping when accessing the pool. Initiation to maintain vertical stance head out of the water.


All our lessons are supervised by trained and regularly evaluated professionals. Retrieve a dummy, tow, rescue jump Swim 50 consecutive meters with one of these 3 styles backstroke, antation or crawl.

Progressively jump alone from the edge. Realize the transition into the larger swimming pool. Questions et contact Une question?

Piscine Bonnevoie

Mini-collective lessonscomposed of 4 people maximum, are particularly effective. These lessons, in individual formallow you to resume your learning directly where you left off! Jump from the starting blockbody extended.

Initiatiation to diving from the starting block. Individual lessons allow you to start learning in a personalized way or to resume learning directly from where you left off. See the level objectives fro children. This will allow you to personalize your lesson to the maximum as well as create homogeneous groups in the case of mini-collective lessons for an optimal learning.

Edge of the pool, foam tools, board, Warning, uncommitted items nayation present in your shopping cart, are you sure you want to leave Learning the swimming style of your choice crawl, breaststroke, or backstroke Improve propulsion, coordination, breathing Diving from the edge of the deep part of the swimming pool.


Diving from the edge and from a starting block. Want to learn nahation to swim and you are not afraid of water? It is therefore useful to plan a little time to be ready on time. Discover leg movements in crawl and breaststroke.

Piscine des Amiraux – Equipements –

Stamina improvement and apnea. In case of problem, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you! Private pools are recommended for this level as they are more discreet and lessons are usually natqtion in a calm and reassuring climate. It will allow us to personalize your lesson to a maximum and to form homogeneous groups in the case of mini-colleges for optimal learning. As soon as you identify a level for which all goals are not met, you have found the right registration level.

Initiation to the breaststroke over 15m with adapted material.