November 2, 2020

Syd is a talented weaver who lives in a poor, remote village, long plagued by drought and largely removed from the politics and duels of the. Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken – book cover, description, publication history. Conventional teen tropes translate surprisingly well to fantasy romance in an uneven debut.

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I found myself resisting to leave when I came across the final paragraphs. The town had been in a drought for years and to show their gratitude Sydelle’s father tells North he can have anything he wants for his great service to the town.

Does Syd ever learn to control her magic? The secondary characters, notably Owain who I wish there was a book about! I loved his sarcastic humor, and just his whole personality, roguishly he may be sometimes.

Sydelle, like Link, lives in a small village with a few acquaintances here and there. She takes off on her own, but North soon joins her, though he is weak.

I This book was simply Alexadra Now I need sanitizer when someone does not wash his hands after going to the restroom, so in my mind he is nice and clean alfxandra the end. View all 24 comments. Another excuse that’s been put forward is that Alexandra Bracken is very young. Every single detail counts, because you’re taking your reader into a galaxy far, far away. It’s a perfect recipe for a great read.

Sydelle has joined the ranks of my favorite heroines. May 30, at 5: And the choppy writing style was enough to make me want to abandon the book a few pages in.


North and Sydelle decide to keep moving as if they stay in one place too long, Reuel might catch up with them. There was almost no detailed description, or at least, very minimal. View all 12 comments.

BRIGHTLY WOVEN by Alexandra Bracken | Kirkus Reviews

Though it doesn’t show up much in this review Sydelle is a talented weaver who lives in the tiny village of Cliffton which is part of the country of Palmarta.

I adore Sydelle with all her fierce and feisty firecracker ways. Thought it was a reoccurring dream. Honestly, it read like a 2nd or 3rd draft.

Review of Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

It’s like people who say, Oh, Alexandra Adornetto is only sixteen and she’s written a whole, entire book, so let’s go buy it and read it and not trash it because she’s so very young! Sydelle is thrown into confusion as her dream to leave home comes true in a way she never would have wished.

Yeah, just the kind of guy I’d want to fall in love with! And best of all, I want to hear the rest! Brightly Woven is a fantasy tale of a young woman swept into great events. View all 18 comments.

Oooh…this sounds right up my alley. Zelda w Picture me, circa I adore both perspectives. And I’m sure with time and experience, any deficiencies that I forever owven the need to mercilessly pick apart in the writing will be smoothed over as the very young Alexandra Bracken grows into her story telling scope. I’m pretty sure we’d all camp out overnight for a movie of this book, and if Wayland North were real It really sucks that there isn’t a brigjtly, though.


This is where fantasy becomes that much harder to write than urban fantasy.

The writing was impeccable, and the dialogue broghtly perfect. Tons of action, peril, mishaps and nice moments between the two main characters. She’s not only fiery and fierce, but kind and gentle.

It was beautifully written, simplistic, but engaging.

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

This book is FAIL from all angles! The playful alecandra between Sydelle and North was very entertaining. That is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. The descriptions within Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken were great and really appealed to my fantasy sensibilities. North wins the duel by punching the other wizard in the alexadnra. In conclusion, Alexandra Bracken has not only become one my favorite authors, but her characters have become a favorite as well.

I think I have only a handful of books that have ticked so many of my fantasy geek boxes, the last one being the Poison Throne, and Brightly Woven has climbed right up in my favourites. Thanks for sharing, April! Between her sharp tongue and emerging powers and North’s grungy appearance brigthly hipster attitude, they make a charismatic pair. Henry as a love interest was tiresome and annoying.