September 29, 2020

Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Bronislaw Malinowski’s pathbreaking Argonauts of the Western Pacific is at once a detailed account of exchange in the Melanesian islands and a manifesto of a. Argonauts of the Western Pacific has ratings and 23 reviews. Jenny ( Reading Envy) said: This was a cornerstone of my Readings in Ethnography course.

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With the help of such documents and such study of actualities the clear outline of the framework of the natives’ culture in the widest sense of the word, and the constitution of their society, can be presented. A crucial book, but it is slow and boring. II — Digression on the sociology of work: The spell of the ta’uya conch malinowsli.

From this new material, scientifically hall-marked, students of comparative Ethnology have already drawn some very important conclusions on the origin of human customs, beliefs and institutions; on the history of cultures, and their spread and contact; on the laws of human behaviour in society, and of the human mind.

We have to study man, and we must study what concerns him most intimately, that is, the hold which life has on him. II — The sagali ceremonial distribution on Muwa.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronislaw Malinowski

Retrieved 10 December Much of the argument in this book has been greatly improved by the criticism given me by my friend, Mr. IV — Tanareredisplay of the haul. As the evening approaches, the life becomes more argonauhs, fires are kindled, and the natives busy themselves cooking and eating food.

VIII — The end parts dogina of these spells.

Full text of “Argonauts Of The Western Pacific”

II — The ordinary trade carried on between these communities. We, in our religious and scientific outlook alike, know that earth ages and that humanity ages, and we think of both in these terms; for them, both are eternally the same, eternally youthful. Malinowski has done his work, as it appears to me, under the best conditions and in the manner calculated to secure the best possible results.


The firm skeleton of the tribal life has to be first ascertained. It must be supplemented by the observation argohauts the manner in which a given custom is carried out, of the behaviour of the natives in obeying the rules so exactly formulated arrgonauts the ethnographer, of the very exceptions which in sociological phenomena almost always occur. And that is the reason why certain works of amateur residents of long bronislad, such as educated traders and planters, medical men and officials, and last, agonauts least, of the few intelligent and unbiassed missionaries to whom Ethnography owes so much, this is the reason why these works surpass in plasticity and in vividness most of the purely scientific accounts.

In fact, there is no pronounced dry pacufic there, and so the land is always clad in intense, shining green, which forms a crude contrast with the blue sea. Value of manufactured goods, maalinowski analysed.

Reflections on the decay of customs under European influence. Hancock, pearl trader, to whom I am grateful not only for assistance and services, but for many acts of friendship. Many other anthropologists also trace the fieldwork mandate back to Malinowski, including Murray Wax:. So far, it has been done only by amateurs, and therefore done, on the whole, indifferently.

The psychological analysis of the German thinkers has brought forth an abundant crop of most valuable information in the results obtained by the recent German expeditions to Africa, South America and the Pacific, while the theoretical works packfic Frazer, Durkheim and others have already, and will no doubt still for a long time inspire field workers and lead them to new results.

I — Arrival in the coral Islands. Further East, on the South coast, there lives the industrious, sea-faring population of the Mailu, who link the East End of New Guinea with the central coast tribes by means of annual trading expeditions [4].

As our information about this district is extremely scanty, I have preferred to exclude it from the area of the Southern Massim. I — Fixing dates and preparing districts.

Indeed behaviour is a fact, a relevant fact, and one that can be recorded. The rhetorical tbe of the time Malinowski was writing makes this classic a tough read today, but for the Oceanist, or anyone interested in economic exchange, this is a must-read.


He sees man, so to say, in the round and not in the flat. XV — Text No.

With this, and with the capacity of enjoying their company and sharing some of their games and amusements, I began to feel that I was indeed in touch with the natives, and this is certainly the preliminary condition of being able to carry on successful field work. At each location they would participated in ceremonies in which they presented armbands as opening gifts yagas to the island’s chief and received necklasses as return gifts yotile. Analogies and differences between these expeditions and those of the Sinaketans to Dobu.

Imagine yourself suddenly set down surrounded by all your gear, alone on a tropical beach close to a native village, while the launch or dinghy which has brought you sails away out of sight.

This one rings a bell but I doubt that I read it.

Without trying to cut or untie arfonauts knot, that is to solve the problem theoretically, or to enter further into the field of general methodology, I shall make directly for the question of practical means to overcome some of the difficulties involved. Scene laid in Sinaketa. Trobriand traditions and legends about them.

In general they are daring sailors, industrious manufacturers, and keen traders. VI — Economic duties corresponding to various social ties; table of eight classes of social relationship, characterised malinowsoi definite economic obligations.

Even within this, the main field of research was in bronilsaw district, that of the Trobriand Islands. While Malinowski clearly perceives that the Kula expeditions are a component of the magic practices of the Islanders, he nonetheless remains vague as to what the exact role of the Kula expeditions are in the magical system of the Trobrianders. IV — Life in a tent among the natives.