September 30, 2020

Bruce M. Di Marsico, the creator of Option, died Monday, December 4, . The cause of unhappiness is a belief. What happens, no matter how. 1 [Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh Nielsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Option Method.

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Happiness is the freedom to be as we are, however we are; richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, gaining or losing, succeeding or failing, wanting or not wanting, approving or not approving, forever.

Methkd order send check or money order to Deborah Mendel, P. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? I describe it like this, no person is afraid of being poor, in itself, but of being an unhappy poor person. His widow, Deborah Mendel, has put together his most succinct work, writings that he had evolved and refined over the thirty some odd years he shared Option with us.

Nobody is afraid of a bear, or of being hurt by the bear, but of the unhappiness merhod is believed will occur from the hurt. Initially I balked at the great chasm of awe that his presence represented, but being with him, like a flower in the presence of the sun, I felt the fullness of that freedom without restriction for the first time.

Methoc MarsicoRemembrance – by Frank Mosca As I sat thinking of what to lption about my memories of Bruce, my mxrsico ranged over the years and the many wonderful things he had said that were so incredibly clarifying and insightful.

Near the beginning of our friendship Bruce came to my house for dinner. We are unhappy when we believe our very life, our heart, our self is against all that we live for; our personal happiness.

Well, I will try, my friends, for you. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. If that helps you understand your life,it is because it is true. Your eyes really opfion and beam love, and I sure enjoyed smiling with you.


My attempts to explain that people perceived his communication as hostile meant little or nothing to him. Book ratings by Goodreads. Doubts dissolved and only the singularity of the truth of happiness remained, lighting up the room I was in with him and then all the places great and small within myself.

The fear that we have a bad, mqrsico self-defeating, attitude is the same as distrusting the very source or cause of our motivation. He never did get around to publishing a book himself, but he left us with a wealth of material to work with.

What happens, no matter how undesirable or destructive to our life, health, desires or loves, does not cause unhappiness. That attitude does not need to presume avoiding do in order to justify a simple desire. Unhappiness is believing that something is necessary, something has to be, should be, ought to be, or must be other than what it is.

The Option Method : Bruce Di Marsico :

In this book Bruce explains the philosophy behind his Option Mxrsico Questions. I believe these are a bad way of doing thinking, wanting or feeling. His truths a simple soothing balm.

What could I say? You have a wonderful smile. Remembrance – by Deborah Mendel Several friends asked me to write something about Bruce for this issue. Di Marsico We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings dii our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. But there was something more profound for me. Where would I end?

That is the unhappy quality of them that precisely makes them so mysterious, and therefore apparently necessary. The Option Method is not about memorizing questions. The baffled Barnaby said yes. There were tears in my eyes. He was blunt and straightforward, but always in a way that was respectful and to the point.


The belief that unhappiness is preferable to happiness happiness being seen as some form of being crazyor the belief that not being unhappy was contradictory to a personally held value, is the dynamic of all unhappiness. I traveled through his eyes, and his voice as he spoke ageless wisdom, guiding me through myself, and changing me forever.

Option Method Network

He describes the difference between wanting and needing. The belief goes like this: We had spaghetti with my son, Barnaby who, at 3 or 4 years methdo age, was not known for his good manners. The examples are countless but follow this paradigm.

A special word of thanks to Jeffrey Pease for allowing us to re-publish them. Not affiliated with the Option Institute.

Then he got down. And always, always, I felt this enormous stream of kindness and compassion emanating from him.

He sheds new light on the myriad forms our unhappiness can take while at the same time removing its mysteries. I recalled the moments in his kitchen speaking about really nothing much at all: In order to reveal what beliefs are indeed operative in an unhappy person, I created the Option Method.

Nearer the end of our time together in physical reality on planet earth, I went to visit Bruce at his house. This simple questioning method discloses to the sufferers that they are the determiner of their feelings.

In this volume Di Marsico gives us brkce in-depth lesson ophion the practice of The Option Method and invites us to lovingly question the beliefs behind our unhappiness. They’re the way we hold ourselves in the world.

A powerful man with a profound gift. Unhappiness, in fact, means that I believe that I do, or methld, or think, or feel a way that is bad for me.