October 18, 2020

Buck has ratings and reviews. Joseph said: Buck: A Memoir by MK Asante is a young man’s account of growing up in the inner-city. Asante has an. A coming-of-age story about navigating the wilds of urban America and the shrapnel of a self-destructing family, Buck shares the story of a generation. MK Asante grew up in in north Philadelphia or as he calls it, “Killadelphia.” In his new memoir, Buck, he details how he went from a drug.

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Buck is about what it is like out there on the streets right NOW. September 11, This is a fascinating memoir, but it reads more like a superb novel.

It is rare to find a book that changes your opinions. Best of all, I feel that what Asante offers is a look into many race issues that turn out to be incredibly easy to relate to.

This was a very impacting read and one I would highly recommend. But when I read this piece, I couldn’t help but feel that I was reading my own diary or a close friend’s. Asane still has a ways to go to break into Literature but his path is true and his talent real. Views Read Edit View history. Every kid should be given this type of opportunity. Asante claims it for his own.

MK Asante was born in Zimbabwe to American parents: The message is universal no matter what your race. Is this really the best a gifted young Black man can expect? Return to Book Page. The sun shone on Philly again.


Asante has won several prestigious prizes, including the Langston Hughes Creative Writing Award for poetry. With his older stepb In the early 90’s I managed a couple of Black bookstores and one of our most popular titles was Afrocentriciy by Molefi Asante.

But if other things get bad quickly enough, the school can’t do a damn thing. Inspired by afrocentricity and reading our protagonist finds the strength to define himself and chase his dreams of becoming a writer.


The school system only works with a rigid set of rules, non-negotiable, can’t be sociable with his friends, recreation on the side, think the system will let it slide.

Buck — MK Asante

No trivia or quizzes yet. With his older stepbrother in prison, his mother struggling with a mental illness and a father always away, Malo is forced to navigate his own path through a life of gangs, violence and drugs. Mar 16, Audra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Uzi gets sent to Arizona to live with an uncle, but the uncle is an addict and backslides.

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Buck: A Memoir

It usually means some kind of gig or party, but its definitions are multiform. A little light, and a little faith in a kid backed into a corner seems to have made a difference. Every fifty years or so, a book is written with the power to change lives and reveal a totally new way of looking at the world. Buck may be this generation’s story. A long stretch in the penetentury. But things fell apart and a little more than a decade later MK was back in America, lost in a fog of drugs, sex, and violence on the streets of North Bcuk.

Hardcoverpages. She is battling her depression so hard; like a lot of people, the drugs sometimes help and sometimes turn her into a zombie, but she keep fighting for her younger son until finally, buc, finds a school that “gets” him. His sole remaining child is enraged by his abdication. His father is always traveling; his mother, depressed.

She isn’t worried about the fact that he and a friend regularly steal her car and ride around in nuck until dawn, even though he is way too young to even have a learner’s permit. But things fell apart, and a decade later MK was in America, a teenager bufk in a fog of drugs, sex, and violence on the streets of North Philadelphia. It’s about mis-education, re-education, self-education, street education. Buck captures Asante’s transformation aasnte a drug dealer and delinquent to a poet and professor.


Frequently brilliant and always engaging BUCK is a very moving literary work.

It is what I heard growing up,but to totally different music. Jul 21, Joseph rated it it was amazing Shelves: Design by Ruben Rodriguez. Reading the first chapters of this book gave me such an anxiety attack that the man did well to get out of the asanre before I started sewing name tags into his hoodies and packing him a plastic lunch box to assnte to school and work.

Worth a Zillion Bucks The streets were calling the young buck with their siren song, literally and figuratively: Malo’s older brother is in jail. His brother is 1 There are spoilers coming. Who ‘Buck’ is for The best compliment I ever received was, I was at a juvenile detention center, and the guy who ran the prison — he told me bucl he gives my books to kids who hate reading.

I recommend reading this book it is very inspirational. There’s just no other way to review this one. Asante has offered us one version of a writer, and made it entirely his own, and a writer to km he most certainly is.

Writer, hip-hop artist and filmmaker MK Asante’s new memoir is called Buck. Loving the lyricality, language, nk, emotion and contemporary voice that blitzes eyes as if the story is a rabid narrative with a fierce need to be read immediately. Asante describes his adolescence as, “Me, unsupervised, with my brother gone, my dad gone, my mom gone, and me just on bhck block in the neighborhood, roaming the streets of Philly – just lost.