January 2, 2022

I want to convert a Postscript. You can use the The Ghostscript Interpreter API . Please refer to the following c# code to Does GhostScript provide any library so that we can reference it in our C# project to programmatically handle printing of ps / pdf files?. Nov 3, Greetings, Can anyone suggest how to merge multiple PDF files into a single PostScript file when using GhostScript with C# At the command.

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Check the following links: It seems to work office postcsript up and starts to print – so it runs without any problems – and generates some output. If HTML file are registered to be opened with some default application, then the process will be executed poatscript, else will throw errors. A way to know the error is to show the gswin32c window.

I will let you know as and when I get something. I need to be able to programmatically lock the pdf as it is created so you cannot copy text.

On d# other hand, when the command is executed on the stream as your code does, it actually finishes the process just fine without requiring or waiting for further input. How do we read this pdf file in C line by line? Hi Bhuban, i’ve just tried to put your code into my application asp. This is converted to postscript in this method.

Finally i got a solution of converting. Windows Forms General https: Process hangs with winword. This is a opensource program. Hi Param, Please refer to the following c code to convert.


[gs-devel] Merge multiple PDFs to PostScript with GhostScript / C#

WriteLine ” Process Machine name: You can check for that and try. My code then would proceed to pdfProcess.

Hi i recall my posts Title: Hi Bhuban, Please tell me what should i write on the click event of both bottons Thus, if we want to create a PDF file with the same name as the input file name, we can just replace the extension of the inputted file with.

Hi Vinayak, No, we can not specify the path for storing the. It is possible by using the PrintDocument object. Once within the sub key, the path returned is the root path or dll.

Hi Vinayak, No, we can not specify the path for storing the. You may get some info from the latest gs documentation. Hoping to hearing from your side soon. The exact command is: This forum is talking about Windows Forms and ClickOnce, so do postscrkpt use Winform to achieve your purpose?

Check the following links: Insults are not welcome. Diagnostics Check this link gyostscript details. Now you can assign the needed rights to the network-service or you can simply start the associated application pool as user “system” its simply a question of security issues Title: So, we have used the WaitForExit method to wait until the process completes.

I had the same problem as described earlier: Thanks and regards, Deepak Kataria.

Hope this is helpful, though the process will depend on your requirement. My question is, why is there a need to execute the command on the stream? Ghostscripy error code returned by the print processor: I will try to post a code snippet on this soon. I saw the response to a question earlier on but having the gswin32c.


I tried doing it by removing the StreamWriter and StreamReader objects altogether by simply using info. Please can you also advise if I can somehow manually export to the PDF and check the fonts? You may have to use some other tools like ps2pdf that is available with the ghostscript lib.

Hello Deepak, The namespace to be used is: On the other hand, when the command is executed on the stream as your code does, it actually finishes the process just fine without requiring or waiting for further input.

Let us take an example. Hi, How to convert as PDF with output of web page using. The default verb for printing any document is “print. Hi, Its good to know that you were able to get the. Highlights in this release include: This is just a wild guess.

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C# – CodeProject

Also the ps printer has to run on the server! I think the program is unable to find the input file. Would appreciate if you had any ideas on this.

If the ps file is not created, i think that there is no “gswin32c. The difference would be, the GhostScript should be installed on the Server and the gswin32c.