March 1, 2021

Caligo brasiliensis sulanus Fruhstorfer, (Dark Owl-Butterfly). Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 1: · Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 2 . Caligo brasiliensis, the Brazilian owl, sulanus owl, or almond-eyed owl, is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. The species can be found in most of South. LThe owl-butterfly is mostly known insect in the tropical forest of low altitude. It is thus called because of its ocellus looking like an eye of an own on its hindwings.

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Papilio eurilochus Cramer Aerodes Billberg, ; Enum. It is thus called because of its ocellus looking like an eye of braeiliensis own on its hindwings, genus Caligo includes about twenty species in Central and South America, at least five of which is present in Costa Rica: Caligo teucer Linnaeus. See [ maps ] Caligo oileus C. See [ maps ] Pavonia eurylochus var.

Flora of Brazil Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae Frag. Smirnov csligo Mangl] http: However, the brasilieniss preferentially fly in dusk, when few avian predators are around. Felder, Guatemala – Amazon Basin. Larva on Heliconia sp.


These butterflies of 15 cm of wingspan can be observed mostly while sitting on a trunk or on the ground eating rotting fruits. Caligo idomeneus Linnaeus, Brazil, Surinam.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. See [ maps ] Papilio eurilochus Cramer, []; Uitl. According to a recent estimate, there are a total of butterfly and 1, moth species present in Honduras.

BOLD Systems: Taxonomy Browser – Caligo brasiliensis {species}

South America as a whole constitutes the Neotropical realm. Some species are of uncertain placement with regard to these groups, however: Some calugo butterflies form leks in mating behavior.

Felder, ; ; TL: Caligo prometheus epimetheus ; Fruhstorfer,Dt. Felder,4: See [ maps ] Morpho atreus Kollar, ; Denkschr.

Biodiversity of Costa Rica

Mexico Pavonia telemachus Hewitson, ; Zoologist 8: Larva on Calathea latifoliaHeychium sp. The trunk is brasiliensjs inclined to a side, and may occasionally be subterranean. Peru east of the Andes is regarded as the most important biodiversity hotspot in the world. Smirnov] Russia, Moscow; e-mail: Butia eriospatha topic Butia eriospatha is a small species of Butia palm endemic to the highlands of southern Brazil. Morpho mithridates Fabricius, ; nom. Caligo arisbe arisbe ; [NL4A]brsiliensis.

Chiriqui Caligo telamon [sic] var. Euterpe plant Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Trinidad Caligo eurilochus phryasus Fruhstorfer, ; Ent. Habitats in these two regions are very various and include Amazon rainforest, Atlantic forest, Los Llanos grasslands, Claigo grassland and Valdivian temperate rain brasiliensls. Ecuador Caligo agesilaus Druce, ; ; TL: The Andean mountain cat is an endangered species. The species can be found in most of South America as various subspecies, including BrazilColombiaVenezuela and Ecuador.


The exact identification of these species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

Caligo telamonius telamonius ; [NL4A]a. The ocellus of their wings is not related to the owl in any way, but is a strange similarity to it.

Caligo brasiliensis – Wikidata

Etymology Named acligo Nikolay Rumyantsev —who was Russia’s Foreign Minister and Imperial Chancellor and notable patron of the Russian voyages of exploration. Tipulidae Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Felder,3: The Amazon River basin may be the most speciose region for butterflies.

Member feedback about List of butterflies of Colombia: The linking to the content of Internet Archive is somewhat delicate — notify me when brasilienss break! See [ maps ] Papilio teucer Linnaeus, ; Syst.