October 7, 2020

Caltrain provides real-time train departure information at most of the stations*. > Schedules > Weekday Timetable. WEEKDAY Timetables – Monday thru Friday schedule highlighting Baby Bullet, Limited and Local WEEKEND Timetables – Saturday and Sunday schedule.

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Not all the trains will be announced when approaching a station. You can now receive Caltrain news via e-mail! Can you turn off the audio announcements during certain hours of the day?

I do not see any predictions on the website.

Please refer timetavle the timetableif the train, station and schedule is marked, make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the train departure time.

What happens to the predictions at stations where the train may leave up to 5 minutes earlier as noted in the timetable? Once service is back to normal, predictions will be reactivated. At the Caltrain stations, the system provides status updates if a train is predicted to depart more than 2 minutes late from the scheduled time.


I receive this error message on the website: Caltrain offers additional service to accommodate extra riders to local events.

Is Caltrain Real-time actually “real-time”? On the Caltrain website and the system presents a countdown to the departure time.

Customers should always remain behind the yellow safety line on the platforms. Caltrain keeps the train approaching announcements available at all times as a caution reminder to customers at the stations.

The system will never predict trains departing early at the stations.

Weekend Timetable

During a major cltrain interruption, predictions are turned off when in manual mode. Caltrain Real-time uses a combination of locomotive-equipped Global Positioning System and a rail operating control system to determine train location and departure prediction provided by the scheduled time. The term “real-time” describes the predictive time when Caltrain will depart, not arrive, from a scheduled station. Most of the special service predictions also will be available on the Caltrain Real-time system.

What can I expect from “real-time”? Why are there train numbers different from the scheduled timetable?


Weekday Timetable

This is temporary and should come back online. What is Caltrain Real-time and where can I find it? During the implementation and testing phase, the project team noticed the lateness of some of the announcements at the stations.

While customers are at the stations, Caltrain strongly advises everyone to stand behind the yellow line at all times.