September 28, 2020

Population: The global population size has not been quantified, but this species is described as ‘fairly common’ (Stotz et al. (). Trend Justification: This. Crimson-crested Woodpecker (Campephilus melanoleucos), , Caio Brito, , , Brazil, Área 4 – Consultoria Terracal, Guadalupe-PI, Piauí, Page: Tree of Life Campephilus melanoleucos. Crimson-crested Woodpecker. The TEXT of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons.

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It usually occurs in pairs or family groups and can be quite noisy.

Male has cream-buff feathering melanileucos base of bill, narrow black line across lower forehead, small oval area of black and Several of these large woodpeckers may be seen 4 or more attracted to the same dead tree while feeding. Adult female on a trunk.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Sort by Capephilus Date taken Post date. Subspecies and Distribution C. It is all black above, has a red crest and has white lines running down the sides of the black throat and shoulders, which meet in a V on the back. Villa Rica Coffee plantations, Pasco.


Campephilus melanoleucos Gmelin Occurs in numerous protected areas throughout exensive range A male pecking on a tree. The female Lineated is more similar in plumage to the female Crimson-crested, but the white malar strip is very narrow in Lineated, and very wide in Crimson-crested.

Recommended Citation

Recommended Citation Rosenblatt, C. One bird perched By Campephius Gussoni. The habitat of this species is forests and more open woodland. Male on a trunk By mauricio rueda.

Very busy male By gleboff31 gmail. Public comments No comments yet Only members are able to post public comments.

Crimson-crested Woodpecker (Campephilus melanoleucos) | HBW Alive

Habitat Very wide range of habitats: Female lays 2 to 3 white eggs, sometimes four. About ft away in tropical deciduous forest. Gmelin, Suriname.

Male By Luis R Figueroa. The crimson-crested Woodpecker Campephilus melanoleucos is a very large woodpecker which is a resident breeding bird from Panama south to northern border regions of Argentinaand on Trinidad. Retrieved 26 November In that species, the white face line is narrower, and the white shoulder lines do not meet on the back. Views Read Edit View history. Closely related to C.


Bird seeking food By Margareta Wieser.

Crimson-crested Woodpecker (Campephilus melanoleucos) :: xeno-canto

International Union for Conservation of Nature. Where it overlaps with Red-necked Woodpecker Campephilus rubricollisit is easily identified by plumage, and Red-necked occurs in more closed forest.

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Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography. One bird By Carlos Gussoni.

Bird seeking for food

Female following the male of the other picture By mauricio rueda. The animal matter is sometimes supplemented with berries.

A male on the trunk By Tadeusz Stawarczyk. Crimson-crested Woodpecker Campephilus melanoleucos malherbii. Female By Tomas Grim.