September 27, 2020

ULC is pleased to announce the publication of the Fifth Edition of CAN/ULC- S, Standard for. Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems. This National. Fire Alarm Inspection, Maintenance, and Service by Anubis Systems Technologies. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected.

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Weekly and Monthly Inspection Items Gauges on dry, pre-action and deluge systems in good condition? The fire alarm system documentation is on site and includes a description of the system. A B C Input wiring ulf control unit or transponder is supervised. O Emergency telephone verbal communication operates.

Manual xan from alert signal to alarm signal. The audible signals can consist of bells or buzzers, but in some systems, an alarm tone is generated through a series of speakers located on each floor of the premise.

CAN/ULC-S Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

Daily Testing General – is the responsibility of the building management or an individual they’ve designated to perform these duties. A specific reference to the Standard on the front page of the report i.

Restricting orifice in place? There are a number of companies cna the Lower Mainland that perform this service.

Standards Council of Canada

Rated voltage is present. If housing discolouration is noted, attempt to identify the source and note the date of manufacture. System is returned to service after an extended period of non-service? Visual indicator test lamp test operates. Tested for Operation results are recorded in the Device Test Record. Battery Capacity as installed: Pipe and fittings shall be inspected from floor level?


Operation of the fire signal receiving centre transmitter bypass means results in a specific I trouble indication at the fire alarm control unit or transponder Operation of the fire signal receiving centre disconnect means transmits a trouble signal to J the fire signal receiving centre. Fire Safety Plan documentation on site? Remote trouble signal unit identification: This form is intended to provide the owner or fire inspector with an overview of what fire protection systems exist in the building and which systems were inspected and tested by a qualified technician.

Correction of any troubles should be left in the hands of a trained Anubis Systems Technologies fire alarm service technician. Nozzle clips in place and nozzles contained?

Swing out Racks – lubricate and ensure proper operation. You can download a convenient monthly test record in PDF format. Smoke detector alarm verification status change confirmation verified.

Circuits for emergency telephones for operation, including two-way voice M communication, operates. In-suite signal isolator modules have been identified, individually inspected, and tested.

The applicable reports indicated below are attached hereto and comprise pages. Adequate heat available to areas where wet pipe is located?

Alarm valves shall be inspected externally. No Summary Work S5336 Number: Annual Operate emergency starting means without power Trip circuit breaker if provided? Lined Unlined Supply water pressure: H Confirm that the trouble transmission to the fire signal receiving centre is 044. We provide expert inspection services to all makes and models of fire alarm and extinguishment systems.


Visual signal appliances individually inspected and tested. Are all existing fire protection systems in service? Fire shutter release activated by fire alarm system? Your service agency MUST identify those detectors that it could not perform this test on.

Confirmation of wiring supervision and ground fault indication is required to be carried out at caan end-of-line devices on an annual basis. Date of last compressor service: Electrical components in service?

The fire alarm system has: Switches for ancillary functions operate as per design and specification. All-call voice paging operates on emergency power supply. The attached reports comply with Canadian Inspection Standards upon which they are based. The fire signal receiving centre transmitter is located remotely from the fire alarm cah B unit.

Electrolyte level and specific gravity, OK? Trouble signal silence switch operates. Hydrostatic test at not less than Correct designations for common control functions and indicators. I Terminals clamped tightly. Where fault isolation modules are installed in data communication links serving field devices, wiring shorted on the isolated side, annunciation of the fault confirmed, and then a device on the source side operated, and activation confirmed at the control unit or transponder.