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Carla Viana Coscarelli is the author of Tecnologias para aprender ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Carla Viana Coscarelli. Role(s). Artist. Collaborations: Palavrador [Francisco Marinho] [SIGGRAPH ]. Sponsored by: All artwork and text on this site are the. Tecnologias Para Aprender [Carla Viana Coscarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Como aprender usando tecnologias ou o que.

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Journal of verbal learning and verbal behaviour, v.


They were asked to answer eight questions about the text after reading it. On the other hand, were considered inadequate, answers that were too vague or that did not show that the student reach the aim of the question. Some researchers find those results difficult to explain, but they reinforce our belief that there is no such thing as linear reading, and that the physical differences among hypertexts and linear texts may not cause differences in text comprehension, since no text is linear and no reading is a linear process Coscarelli, Introduction We describe in this paper one of the experiments which is part of a research that aims to verify the influence of the presentation format – hypertext or continuous – in reading comprehension.

As we considered relevant to make a qualitative analysis of the data, we chose to test a small number or students in order to make this kind of refined analysis possible.

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They read the text on the computer screen and typed their answers into specific pages in the computer.

One second of reading. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Understood as metaphors, those spaces activate many other spaces and possible interpretations. What does the images of the serpent and of the apples make reference to?


It seems that hypertext offers a friendlier interface, and a better usability than the continuous format, stimulating students to go back to the text whenever it is necessary in order to find explicit information, to check their comprehension as well as to ratify their answers. Suj 44C Question 2: Cognitive context models and discourse.

The main materials of this experiment were two versions of the advertisement: The students were expected to identify the theme, which is the original sin, as it can be caroa in the following examples: This reader seems to interpret the serpent as moving towards the apple in order to bite it. Abstract Reading is usually seen as an activity without subdivisions. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.

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In each of these spaces there is a cause-effect relation that needs to be detected by the reader. Suj29C, on the other hand, establishes different connections among the mental spaces activated. Cosxarelli answers show how the ad stimulates the reader’s curiosity and imagination, by using symbology and choosing a controversial theme.

In the biblical space, the serpent convinces Adam and Eve that they should try calra apple resulting in their being expelled from Paradiseand, in the drinking space, Campari dares the consumer to have this drink resulting in his admission into paradise. Discourse ability and brain damage.

The ad justifies the consumption of the drink” The answers show how the ad stimulates the reader’s curiosity and imagination, by using symbology and choosing a controversial theme.

Processing utterances in discourse contexts: The last inferential question is also relational.

It was expected that the students would notice that a candidate as reference to the pronoun “he” is the drink, and therefore, a different shape for this word is a way of emphasizing the product. The answers given by Sujl7H and Suj47H are examples of that: This relationship is found in other answers given by this student, as in his answers to questions 6 and 8, where he states that: Deterministic parsing and subjacency.


It is worth noticing that in his answer to the first question, this reader Sujl3C says that, in the advertisement, the serpent is being attracted by the apple, indicating that the serpent does not play the role of the agent of seduction, but the role of the one being seduced “there is also a serpent next to the apple, as if she has been attracted by the fruit”.

Campari would be the temptation itself, the prohibited and the arousal of sinful sensations. This connection among mental spaces can be noticed in many answers that reveal the projections made by the readers in the mental spaces, and it also shows the interpretations that this integration makes emerge, as we can notice, for example, in the following answers: Another interesting element on this text is the pronoun “he” in the expressions “he 2 provokes” and “only he is like this”.

In this case, the apple provokes.

These results contradict one of our presuppositions, which speculated that the continuous format would generate better results in the questions that measure global comprehension, since in this version, unlike what was done in the hypertext version, the text was not fragmented.