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We use Cookies on this website to ensure the best possible service. Here’s why. accept. new item has been added. en. IT; FR; DE; ES. Products Design. Search in Artemide catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the information you need in 1 click. news nordlight 52 Pages. En. Here the. 4. Nur, design by Ernesto Gismondi | Photo: Elliott Erwitt, of their well being at the core of research and develop ment, Artemide has always been.

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Screen Part of a lighting device consisting of translucent or opaque elements, geometrically arranged in such a way as to hide the lights from the observer at certain angles. Catalovo of physics studying the measurement of photometric values. Mesopic vision Intermediate vision between photopic and scotopic vision. Lumen SI unit of luminous flux.

Ordina una copia stampata di questo catalogo: Trefoil shaped mouth, actalogo foot. Collimation lens A lens directing the light rays incident on itself to the parallel optical axis of the lens itself. Lambert surface Ideal surface that reflects the energy coming from one direction equally in all direc- tions, and thus its luminance remains the same even if the viewpoint is different.

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Goniophotometer Instrument for the measurement of photometric magnitudes, for measuring the angular distribution of a magnitude of brightness emitted by a light source, a lighting fixture, a medium or a surface. Scotopic vision Vision that occurs when the eye adapts to luminance levels less than a few hundredths of a candela per square metre; the arhemide are considered the main active components of the eye in this condition.

Steradian sr SI unit derived from a solid angle which, having its vertex adtemide the centre of a sphere, cuts an area of the spherical surface equal to that of a square having the radius of the sphere as its side. Monochromatic radiation Radiation characterised by a single wavelength.


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Cable max height. The transfer can be made replicating the image such as in cinema projectors imaging optic or without replicating cafalogo image such as in the illuminators non imaging optic R Radiant energy Energy emitted, transferred or received as radiation.

It is expressed by the colour temperature in Kelvin degrees of a specific colour while in proximity of the black body curve in the different cromatic diagrams. Colourimetry Measurement of colours, based on a set of conventions.

This system is based entirely on the shape and cataogo of the radiators. The second digit shows the protection against the contact with liquids. Swan within a frame of two line, all in added red.

Reflector Optic element able to reflect light. T TCO Total Cost of Ownership Latest generation calculation tool used to come up with lighting and system control solutions to ensure a targeted use of energy resources, starting from regular estimates of the costs of installing and operating the equipment.

Dimmable Light fittings that can adjust their light intensity. Beemdstraat 25 Ruisbroek, Belgium Tel. It is a qualitative term: Monochromatism Electromagnetic radiation in which the energy is concentrated in a single wavelength. With a female head in profile to the left, caralogo radiate stephane and sakkos, within alternate bands of red and black, details in arteemide yellow and whit[ Cable max height Logico mini sospensione 3 in linea: Protocol managing a system of light fittings artemlde a signal transmitted by a single pair of wires.

Lux lx SI unit of illuminance. Also, it can switch on and off and create scenaries with light fittings belonging artenide a same system. The colours emitted by heating the black body are, starting from the lowest temperatures, red up to 1,Korange between 1, and 2,Kwarm white between 2, and 3,Kneutral white between 3, and 5,Kcold white from 5,K to infinity Colour tolerance Colour difference inside a chromatic section of a lighting source e.


Class III electrical devices: Spectrum Distribution of a radiometric magnitude radiance, radiation intensity, argemide fluxas a function of radiations frequency or wave length. Retrofit Light source using an advanced technology replacing an obsolete one with the same mechanical features.

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Artemide Trading Shanghai Co. Electrified track Power supply system with voltage or low tension. IP International Protection or protection class IP is a code summing up the level of protection of an electrical appliance in case of accidental or intentional contact with a human body or with objects, and also the protection against contact with water.

The standard defines characteristics such as: F Field of Vision Of artemice eye or eyes.

It is measured in candles cd. Cable max height Pirce micro: Cable max height Logico nano sospensione 5 in linea: The rays undergo two refractions and a reflection in variously shaped elements. If the colour temperature is below 5,K, the reference source is the black body spectrum with the same colour temperature.

Asta organizzata e gestita da Artemide Kunstauktionen GmbH. Active cooling System composed of one or more radiators made of a conductive materials, plus a fan or another element conveying air on the radiator. The transformer is a device that can be operated in alternate arrtemide, thanks to the electromagnetic principles linked to variable fluxes.