October 5, 2020

The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen Available teams were numbers in the catalogue plus some special. West Ham. 1. Claret base 2. Sky base 3. Claret base with flesh plastic 4. Red base with flesh plastic 5. White base with blue inners flesh plastic 6. Blue base. The complete team, starters and substitutes. 22 outfield players + 3 rodded keepers. Please specify in the ORDER NOTES the number and the name of the.

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A new generation of figure, known as the ‘Parodi figure’ saw a return to the hand painting technique with only some machine work on the more intricate kits.

These figures types have gained the name ‘Moulded’ but each version has been given a further tag for identification purposes. Second version Claret shirt with light blue sleeves, white shorts. White base with v-neck collar 3. Black base all black socks.

Manchester Utd, and Mantova Italy. A stronger celluloid version followed which was still subnuteo in the shops until the early ‘s and covered the references Although not an expert and dates are approximate, the images below should guide you in the right direction as to if you are in possession of a heavyweight, lightweight, zombie, walker or scarecrow!

Mark Adolph has pictures of a side from a different Subbuteo factory wearing the same kit. No Little Plastic Men were harmed in the making of this web site. When they changed to No23, this was left blank until it was deleted from the range. Little Plastic Men recommend Humbrol products. Gold, Tangerine, and possibly Amber. Hol N. York and Burnley in the early s. During it’s long reign, cata,ogo Classic Heavyweight remained the standard figure for the growing number of available kits in the catalogue but other designs of player were used in the boxed starter sets and also for the eight 5-a-side Football Express teams.


Was this due to poor artificial lighting, or is there a more sensible theory??

White base arm stripe version with sock turnovers. Second version – Horizontal hoop 0although the horizontal stripe must have actually arrived earlier than these catalogue dates suggest F. First version Claret shirt with blue V neck, light blue shorts. Red base with flesh plastic 5. Rangers and Den Haag-Ado Hol. Interestingly, this innovative new figure along with the ever expanding accessory range was probably one of the main reasons that in Subbuteo’s main rival, Newfooty, ceased production as the company was still plodding away producing the now dated flat figures that had remained largely unchanged since The Italian catalogue of still illustrates this team with a heavyweight player in red subhuteo yellow.

Catalogo HW

Later, it was Cork Hibernians Ireland. Black base black shorts 5.

The Main Subbuteo Cataoogo. Also Peterborough and Karlsruher Very occasionally and in limited reference numbers, another type of heavyweight can be found. However, this did not stop Subbuteo from selling them, and they continued to turn up throughout the s.

The Manchester United 2nd reference on the left is a nice example of a hand painted lightweight and these teams have become quite desirable in recent years.


This also sees a return to red and yellow stripes. History of the Subbuteo Football Figure Probably the most asked question by curious visitors to the site who have unearthed their old Subbuteo collection from the loft is for me to explain the differences between heavyweight and lightweight figures.

I should image also that some teams didn’t require huge amounts of stock and it would have been more cost effective to hand paint the kits that sold in lower numbers. Red base black boots 4. Plymouth only used it untiland it was then a blank side.

As with most things Subbuteo, there is no real rhyme or reason to the process of replacing teams. Was Plymouth in and again in History of the Subbuteo Football Figure. Also Crystal Palace during the s. Was also Partick Thistle in the s.

The final appearance of the original black shorts version was Blue base white plastic and black boots 4. These differ in that the figure is moulded onto the white disc which fits into the base, rather than being on a bar.


All photographs and text contained in this site may not be reproduced in any form without express permission. It inherited a range of fifty-two teams, and the World Cup range. Moulded with sock cztalogo 5.