May 4, 2021

Center Axis Relock is a movie gimmick. The gun is at a 45 degree angle – it’s an obscure technique created in the s by a British cop. The technique pretty. Center Axis Relock (CAR), a System, not just a platform, may be the next significant step in this never-ending evolution of weapons handling. READ MORE. Center Axis Relock – A Closer Look. Adapted from an article by Chris Adams. In the evolution of tactical shooting platforms and stances, there are usually.

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With Center Axis Relock you draw into the high position and bring your gun up to the center of your chest with the barrel level and parallel to your shoulders. I also like it for contact-distance encounters with a single attacker because it provides good weapon retention and the ability to quickly place multiple shots on target.

After retiring he decided to put his experience to work to develop a method to increase the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement and military personnel in close quarters situations.

Remember, technically when using the C. By controlling felt recoil with the tight and close-in grip support, I could get off multiple shots very quickly, with decent accuracy.

Medical eye professionals seem to agree that our brain will naturally favor vision from our dominant eye and ignore from our non-dominant eye, whenever there is a disparity.

The cant prevents having to cant your wrist unnaturally and gives better alignment to the wrist and arm to help control the felt recoil. I wondered if it was all Hollywood magic, but I learned he trained over an extended period with Taran Tactical Training and that he shoots 3 Gun-type scenarios often.

But I withhold my final judgment until I have practiced more with C. You should come to California and get our training because this is one of the hall marks of how great this system really is. This article is a report of how the C. In an armed encounter, moving off the line between you and your attacker could also help you survive. The extended position is the intended firing position for accuracy.


Use the Extended position for combat, assault, room entry or clearing, and when seated in a vehicle. The more arrows you have in your quiver, the better. One drawback to the Isosceles is that it presents the full width of your body to your assailant and if you need glasses to see your sights, like I do, the Isosceles position has you looking through the top of your glasses at the sights, not the lower part where your near-vision prescription is.

Support elbow is bent and pointed toward the ground.

It also does not discriminate with left or right handed people or eye dominance. In 50 years, I have taken only 4 courses…. Did you see it in the John Wick movies with Keanu Reeves? What type of shooting system does he use, what are its features, and is it for you and me? In such a situation, you may have trouble getting your sights aligned quickly, and if you are not strongly dominant with one eye or the other, it may be difficult to quickly choose the correct sight picture.

His chief instructor, Steve Hartman, mirrored that opinion saying that CAR only serves a narrow niche.

C.A.R: A Unique Shooting System for Improved Accuracy – USA Carry

We love these movies so much that we actually interviewed Taran Butlerthe man who trained Keanu Reeves to be able to do all of that impressive shooting in the movie. Blurry sights do not help you shoot relkck. Otherwise the CAR hold would throw all of my meticulously ingrained body centerline indexing off; and, quite frankly, while I am completely ambidextrous with all hand tools and weapons, I prefer to shoot using the same eye and hand. The bonus is how fast and easily I can execute a combat or tactical reload.


Your eyes can only focus on objects at one distance at a time, so when you focus on your front sight with both eyes open you see double targets. It intentionally BLENDS its techniques with pistol, rifle, and shotgun combinations and existing techniques to improve the speed and accuracy of target hits. The speed of shots was the rwlock significant advantage, rather than accuracy, for me. Does the cylinder gap gasses ever cause a problem? It is especially attractive for specific military and law enforcement situations.

The gun is held in close inches from the eyes and very near the body.

Just a few years ago, I began successfully using the bladed Modified or Modern Isosceles position and the two-thumbs-pointed-down-range straight thumbs grip. The Center Axis Relock system is a shooting technique that may have been popularized cfnter Hollywood, but it is way more than just filmic flim-flam.

I am dumbfounded why anyone would not want to explore how to do this from professionals that have been trained and fully understand the science behind it. Here is a C.

I ecnter the CAR Training course in As with all systems and techniques you do need to work with what is best for you. Well, shades of Paris Theodore!

Weaver grip also works kneeling and prone. The main goal of the CAR system is to get your sights on the target quickly while maintaining solid weapon retention and a stable firing position.

Can Center Axis Relock Save Your Life?

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. I, also, know better than to limit myself to using only a two-handed hold. Some police and military units use it, as well as Reeves and other shooters.

As a lifelong student of close quarters combat, Mr.